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language buddy - Sheffield,Rotherham,Barnsley

17 Apr 2007 /  #1

Any body out there want me to help with learning the English language in return for helping me learn the Polish language? Anybody learning Polish want a language buddy?

I am at very early stages and my confidence is not very high. Angela
17 Apr 2007 /  #2
Sorry i am in Doncaster Angela which is in the same area ie South Yorkshire
would have loved to have give it a go with you .. i have been learning the polish language at college once a week 2 hour sessions since november last year although i can grasp some written polish speaking and listening are my down falls as i have no one to practise conversationally with :(

likewise on

early stages and my confidence is not very high

OP angela  
17 Apr 2007 /  #3
Doncaster is not that far if we could help each other in any way it might improve us. I have been learning since February. I am not very good I find it a lot harder than I thought. I have a lot of resources books access to films computer phrase books childrens books, and even grammer books. I will be going to Poland in October and desperately want to improve. I am not too bad at how the letters sound as I had a Polish lady helping me for two hours a week for the first six weeks and she couldn't speak english but she has gone back to Poland now. There arn't any courses in sheffield. And private lessons are out of the question. Do you feel you are improving you have been learning for about three months more than me. What do you feel you have achieved so far? Angela
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
17 Apr 2007 /  #4
Why are you learning Polish ?
OP angela  
17 Apr 2007 /  #5
My father was Polish and I have a lot of relatives in Poland and although they speak very good english I feel that I should put as much effort in to learning their language. It has always facinated me but I never had the time before. My father never had the patience(as there are 6 of us). I will be visiting Gdansk in October and hopefully my relatives will wish to visit england (the younger generation as my aunts and uncles have visited in the past) and if they do I am sure they will feel more comfortable if I can at least speak a little Polish.
17 Apr 2007 /  #6
Do you feel you are improving you have been learning for about three months more than me.

To be honest i have learnt quite a bit of polish more than i thought but its the whole speaking part i havent grasped which is making me feel :( at times as i commented i can grasp the written side of polish and can write it quite well grant you i have grammar errors but thats expected to be honest.

Plus resources are limited i have what i get handed to me at college by Angelika the tutor who is Polish (from Krakow) and what i pick up from this forum and from friends i have living in Poland i correspond with.

I was hoping to get private lessons as someone on my course goes to someone to assist his learning in the language .. but has never passed the information on and i would like the extra assistance to be honest.

I can grasp some numbers .. some of the grammar (so i am told by most of the people on my course tell me i seem to have an understanding of it) .. but i guess it is continued learning and preservance.

Be great if we could help each other out though ... :)
Doncaster College have run the Polish course on a Thursday night for first time since last November lasts 30weeks at level one .. level two may run next year again a 30 week course .. plus i paid £154.50 to study it.
TripTic 3 | 95  
17 Apr 2007 /  #7
Angela, I cold give you some english lessons (sic!). I'm from Leeds .. but unfortunatelly i'm a Polish guy. So if you still interested - give me a shout :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
18 Apr 2007 /  #8
She wants to learn Polish - and she will teach English in return...see perfect for her
TripTic 3 | 95  
24 Apr 2007 /  #9
I ain't got her e-mail address :(
OP angela  
25 Apr 2007 /  #10
Hi TriptTc, my e-mail address is
so please email if you are Polish and wish to help with me with learning Polish. I will help with your english. But my Poish is very basic at the moment.
OP angela  
5 Jun 2007 /  #11
Hi I have a language buddy now thanks for your help everyone
5 Jun 2007 /  #12
:) hope all goes well for you with your buddy? how did you find one?

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