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Marrying a Polish citizen in UK

29 Jun 2006 /  #1
Hello Folks
I am a citizen of Pakistan and currently on a student visa in UK. My girl friend is a Polish citizen and currently she is in UK for three months for work. She has not registered fully under the Workers Registration Scheme. She was also in UK last year to work for only three months. Now we are planning to get married here in UK. My question is that if I marry her, will I be able to get 5 year restriction free residency permit. I know one of my friend from Pakistan married her girl friend from Spain and got a 5 year residency permit.

Please let me know if anyone knows much about it.

29 Jun 2006 /  #2
Both Poland and Spain are EU members now so it seems to me the laws should be the same (assuming the girl from Spain was on similar status as the Polish girl)...
OP sirfjunoon  
30 Jun 2006 /  #3
Thanks for your comment. Well that is what I think as well but some people tell me that Poland including newely EU member states like Estonia and Latvia doesnot enjoy the same rights as other old EU member states. I am not sure how far it is true. I even checked Home Office website but there is no info there as well.
30 Jun 2006 /  #4
So you want to marry her cose you want to get a residency permit in the EU ?
30 Jun 2006 /  #5
I don't understand your irony -- Poles do it quite often; are they the only ones who could do it if there's no other chance?

Don't get me wrong - I'm Polish too, but don't like when someone tries to tell everything what is Polish is good and not Polish is bad.

As an EU citizen I see no reason why such illegal practices ought to be tolerated.

It's nice to be in EU now, isn't it? It's amazing how quickly some people forget where they came from themselves.

15 years ago Poland was viewed as a 3rd-world country too. Millions of Poles illegaly migrated to the "Western countries" in the XX century (they still continue to do so) - I can clearly see a comparison.

But as I wrote, some Polish people forget where they came from way too quickly.
30 Jun 2006 /  #6
Whatever. My point is - out of 10 Polish immigrants at least 5 are illegal (I'm one of them BTW). If Poles have the right to be illegal, I feel Pakistani should have the right too.

I don`t know what the percantage is.. but I bet it`s not 50%...

The attitude you`re showing is the reason why Polish immigrants are often being disrespected abroad.
30 Jun 2006 /  #7
I meant to say - I used to be illegal, now I'm legal. It doesn't change the anything though.

The attitude you`re showing is the reason why Polish immigrants are often being disrespected abroad.

I pay my taxes in the country I live and I'm more respected than some native citizens. I'm not a drunk either - maybe that's the reason...

Wujek, with all due respect... I think you are a very intelligent man, but take everything from a theorical point of view. You do research and read many documents, but all these documents are just theory (even though in the form of "facts"). Have you ever been abroad for more than a week (but not on vacation - to work for example?). I doubt it. Your teories only seem to be true but when compared to reality - they make not much sense. It's not possible to say something is white or black only based on written opinions of others. I suggest you to come and visit a foreign country to feel how it really is. Travel makes wise - it's so true...
30 Jun 2006 /  #8
I understand that you`re wise... :) you`re basicly saying that..

..we should tolerate braking the law - and we should allow some 3rd world rejects into Europe.`re comparing us with a 3rd world country`re saying that we are drunks
..that 10 million Poles had migrated to the US over the last decades
..that 1/2 of the Poles there are illegally
..and that you`ve gained legal status in the US though you were an illegal immigrant and that it`s not a biggy for you.

That`s not wise - that`s pure BS and as a matter of fact quite insulting - it`s not even worth reading.

..and - if you`re indeed Polish - I have to tell you that I have absoloutely no respect for you - cose I don`t respect people who have no respect for themselves.
30 Jun 2006 /  #9
I am a 3rd generation Polish -american and i find it insulting that someone would infer that 50% of the Poles in America are here illegally thats just straight up BS
30 Jun 2006 /  #10
I meant - at LEAST 50% of the Poles in America AT SOME POINT had illegal status. How would you call someone who is in the US on a tourist visa and then when the visa expires she or he starts a procedure to make his/her stay legal? It's not that easy now due to the Anti Terrorism laws, but for the last 50 years it was the quickest procedure to get a permanent residency. As I said, I went through the same process myself (I was at least a few months "illegal") -- and almost all people I know went through the same process: they got tourist or student's visa and managed to get a SS#, Drivers license and started a new life. I even thing your ancestors went thru the same process of "legalization". No disrespect - I'm just trying to tell you the stories from the real life.
lef 11 | 478  
1 Jul 2006 /  #11
I agree with hi23 it would be true that 50% of poles in america at SOME POINT would be illegals (give or take) actual fact this suits the US economy ie people doing the worse type of jobs. This also suited poles who earned more money than in there native country. a polish worker could earn 4 times more doing the same job as in poland.

Things are now changing, however a skilled worker can earn much more overseas than in poland
1 Jul 2006 /  #12
And this "wisdom" originates from what ? From the fact that you had broken the law in a foraign country ? ...and now you want to say that you know something about life...

Those are the kinds of stories you hear from your roomates on Work&Travel and Camp America programes - "Travel makes wise" "Travel changes people" "When you`re abroad you konow if you`re a patriot or not" - but this is nonsense - cose such experiences have only an influance on people who before they were running arround in the US dressed in MickeyMouse costumes - who before they`ve took part in such programs - had no real spine - knew nothing about the outside world and were confused about many issues. It changes them - but they aren`t becoming wiser - this experience unlocks only some hidden potentials inside of them - i.e. they are becoming braver and are willing to take higher risks - but beyoned that they remain the same - the often weak and naive people they were before they hooped into the MickeyMouse costume.

I meant - at LEAST 50% of the Poles in America AT SOME POINT had illegal status.

I`d like to see numbers and statistics concerning that issue - if you can not provide them - that what you`re writing is absoloutely meaningless.
OP sirfjunoon  
6 Jul 2006 /  #13
I have no idea why my question was taken in such a way. I love my girl friend and let me make it clear that I am not marrying her for Residency. She likes Islam and want to be a muslim. Its just that marrying her and getting residency would be good for us as a family and it would benefit her as much as it would benefit me.

rafik 18 | 589  
7 Jul 2006 /  #14
i was an illegal immigrant in uk so were lots of poles.but the difference between us and pakis for example is that we never set off bombs on buses trains in underground.i have been here legally for the last 18months and i did not take even one day off sick,paid about 4500£ tax so far and never went to see a doctor.i did not claim any benefits and nobody gave me anything.what about so- called political refugees from 3rd world countries?not many of them work they get houses for nothing they dont need to do a day work to get benefits(we have to work at least for 1 year continously)they drain britains budget.

their culture?-dont tell me that pakis or somalians have mor in common with brits than we do
OP sirfjunoon  
10 Jul 2006 /  #15
By the way I live in Britain, pay taxes, paid about 4500 Pounds in taxes in only six months as compared to yours of 18 months, drive a UK manufactured car, wear uk branded clothes, and in a way the money I earn stays in Britain. I am sure its helping British economy. By the way for your kind information, no pakis bombed trains or buses. They were British citizens, born and bred in Britain. The problem is not in Pakistan, The problem is in UK. iT WAS TRAGIC and I personally condemned it. The Pakistani's have been an integral part of British Economy ever since. U Poles (no offence) were supressed under communism and have recently been given EU status and now you want to be superior and show that you are better than Pakistan only because you are EU. What did you have 15 years ago? Hunger hunger and hunger.........

So my friend you need to think before you write.
10 Jul 2006 /  #16
has anyone else noticed that if you disagree with any of Wujek's opinions he in turns makes racist comments about others on this thread. He might be book smart but doesn't have the least bit of common sense when it comes to dealing with people from other cultures. It seems to me that he has way to much free time on his hands, maybe he can't find employment in the new Poland and should immigrate.
rafik 18 | 589  
11 Jul 2006 /  #17
no pakis bombed trains or buses.

yes they did.they were born in uk thats wright but it only makes it more sinister,you do NOT asimilate
-ask a paki born in uk what nationality he is whe would say-paki not british

problem is in UK

yep this problem is called -pakis

iT WAS TRAGIC and I personally condemned it

i am sure that brits would appreciate it and nobody would say a bad word about pakistan then because the problem is in uk

part of British Economy ever since

yep you drained their budget ever since

were supressed under communism

yes we were thats true

to be superior and show that you are better than Pakistan

we dont blow up buses full of children nor hijack planes

Hunger hunger and hunger

is it not what you have in pakistan now?
Michal - | 1,865  
28 Feb 2007 /  #18
I can say that I was a student in Russia twenty years ago and there were over 600 students from Poland studying Russian at the Pushkin Institute at the same time. It is an irony as none from Poland ever had a single good word to say about England, I heard it all. It is your fault, Chuchill sold us to Stalin, my passport was ugly, the BBC always trotted out anti polish propoganda. I was in Warsaw and there were always big red flags supporting big Brother Moscow. If I wanted a visa I had to pay for it and on top of that I had to change money officailly for every day of my trip. Nothing was ever free It is always the same, the Poles NEVER accept responsibility. And now? They all want to cvome to England and buy houses in the best areas so that their children will get a place at the best local state school. They always know how to 'play the system' Last time when I was in Czestochowa I offered to buy a piece of land and they said no no no where is your Polish pasport? Jednak nie ma takiego slowa jak odpowiedzialnosc miedzy Polakami, to jest wina Ameriki albo Rosji albo Anglii-zawsze to samo, rob co do was mowie nie rob tego samego co ja.
28 Feb 2007 /  #19
No, because your not a EU citizen. You need to apply for a marriage entry clearance visa and hold a home office approval certificate. She must also prove that she is settled in the UK.

Personally I think your being a bit irresponsible, are you even aware of the problems Polish muslim girls face in England?

To be honest if shes going to be a Muslim, it would be better for her to move to Pakistan. She will never be able to mix with main stream society. Asian muslims are accepted but Polish ones arn't.

Every Polish muslim I've met has been the target of constant racial abuse and attacks from both English and Asian people.
30 Mar 2007 /  #20
I am an pakistani of ethnic origin born and bred in England hence british. Britain is aJust and Tolerant Society where people of all backgrounds reside together in peace - My grandparents came here for a better future they got that but in return they worked hard like so many other people in this country have and still do to make britain what it is today - i work hard and i teach my children to. Yes there is alot of people out there that take advantage of this great country - and i dont agree to that. What i do disagree to is when people start thinking that their race is far greater than the other, and they have more rights here than others. Being a muslim in this country never brought problems for me, whereas in most mulsims countries you cannot express your true religion than you can here. I am proud to be British and very lucky too. All i can say to you janooni is that seek professional adviceand if you do get a Visa then you will be welcomd by many here - please comewith good intentions and help Britain to flurish into a beautiful muticutural society - Britain is an Example to the rest of the world - the past is history!
1 Jan 2008 /  #21
why are you guys concerned with who marries who for what.the world is what it is take it or leave.
I Saw You  
1 Jan 2008 /  #22
I meant - at LEAST 50% of the Poles in America AT SOME POINT had illegal status

That's true and even in UK.

People have to do what they have to do to survive, and even the Poles had to do what they had to do before they were granted an EU status. It's called survival of the fittest. So let's not be hypocritical, eh.
6 Jan 2008 /  #23
Hi !!!!! this is mae from Mexico. My situation is the fllowing:
I've got a Polish boyfriend and both of us are living in UK. At the moment I'm studying a master ,which will finish in April 2008 but my visa is until January 2009. My polish boyfriend is studying a master as well and apat from that he will start working in a permanent job since the 7th of january 2008.

We are plannig to get married but we know that is very difficult to do it in Uk because they are quite strict with overseas marriages.

My questions are the following :

If I get married in Mexico or in Poland will I get the benefits of working full time in UK?
Where can I get that information from?
If i get married in Mexico. Where do I have to do it (in the polish embassy or UK)?

Please I need some help!!!!! I haven't got a clue where to take this information from.
kingkong1 - | 27  
25 Apr 2008 /  #24
some of the comments about this just reflect their author's narrow-mindedness. there're people who still understand what true love is unlike arrogant,ignorant folks who believe so called western europe's the only good [lace on earth. gimme a break!!

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