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rigsby 1 | 1  
8 Dec 2008 /  #1
1 or 2 lodgers required for a furnished large double room in cornwall UK,perfect for sufer types.included in the rent is electricity, heating, bath or shower, adsl broadband wired connection, and reasonable use of my telephone for local or national numbers ( i may be able to set up a special rate to call poland). the rent is JUST £50.00 uk pounds per person per week. the room will be private for you only, this is a my family home in a very beautiful part of england set in the countryside, imy family and 2 dogs live here. please ask for photos to see the house and gardens, my email is BLUECADBURYS@HOTMAIL.COM

my telephone number is england 01840212496 . i promise you that it will be very very difficult to find a home like mine in cornwall uk england as cheap as mine for rent. i have had polish tenants boys and girls before and they loved it and now they buy there own home after 2 years of working here. i will be happy to give you details so you can talk to them yourself if you wish. i can also offer a little of my time to help you settle in by introducing you to polish people and helping you apply for jobs . Thank you

i should have also added, my polish is not very good at all so i cannot reply in polish . but if you know some one who needs a room in england cornwall to contact me for more details including photos of my house. as said before the rent is £50.00 UK POUNDS PER PERSON. if the right person came along for a long term commitment i may be able to have a different arrangement like doing the gardening or taking care of the horses etc but that may be offered later on depending on how things go.

Thank you
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
8 Dec 2008 /  #2
it sounds like a good offer. I love horses and Cornwall, sadly Im not Polish. Whats the job front like there? Hopefully people wont understand your user name as it might not give the best impression of you as a landlord.
OP rigsby 1 | 1  
8 Dec 2008 /  #3
im not really fussy about the race of tenant, i asked for polish simply because i had polish tenants before, About the name Rigsby well the show makes me laugh and i couldnt resist it as a user name here, i can assure every one my home is not like that at all. Job front depends on skill of applicant. the polish guys i had here still work for a meat producing company that is not too far away, and the polish girls still work for a cake/pudding making company which makes deserts for tescos. they seem to have settled well, one is getting married, another is buying her own home with her partner etc. Do you ride horses? we have two mac and sherbet .I work for a major telecoms company and my partner works for a major retailer as a manager hence being able to get the girls jobs in tescos group. i am not promising anything but we will try to help any one get a job if we can.

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