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Polish food in Cambridge

25 Aug 2008 /  #1
I live in Cambridge and was wondering if someone could tell me where to get some Polish frozen food at? Such as pyzy or pierogi. I miss it so much and wish I could buy somewhere.
Vincent 9 | 903   Moderator
25 Aug 2008 /  #2
local ASDA stores usually have a polish frozen food selection...good luck in finding and hope you are enjoying the UK so far:)
OP Wyspianska  
25 Aug 2008 /  #3
Thank you a lot Vincent will try this one. UK is all right I only miss Poland a bit and especially Polish food hehe. My boyfriend's mum promised to cook with me something Polish if I like though :D
osiol 55 | 3,922  
25 Aug 2008 /  #4
I don't tend to look in the frozen sections of supermarkets. I've seen plenty of things in jars though. Only yesterday, I found some kabanosy in Waitrose, and for once they were like proper kabanosy (or so I am led to believe).

Have you tried looking in the Yellow Pages for a Polish delicatessen or other kind of food shop. There must be something in your neck of the woods.

Pub grub:
25 Aug 2008 /  #5
There is quite a number of shops that might not stand out as being polish but will stock polish products in cambridge ... let me text my english mate who lives there and she'll tell me where you can head chick :)
OP Wyspianska  
25 Aug 2008 /  #6
Thanks guys :)
25 Aug 2008 /  #7
ok from my mate who lives in Cambridge says:

Tesco Bar Hill which is on the Citi number 5 bus service (stops smack bang outside the store) stocks a good selection in the world foods aisle chick
OP Wyspianska  
26 Aug 2008 /  #8
grrr just came back from ASDA. they had only pierogi z serem and I wanted pierogi z kapusta i grzybami or pyzy. sucks. will try with your advice Tele thank you girl, guess Sam is about to take me there of course lol x
27 Aug 2008 /  #9

see if there is also any of these non polish owned but sells polish food shops about im sure there is hunnie :)

but yeah do try in tescos not sure what is there mind ....
clx - | 1  
22 Nov 2009 /  #10
hmmmm pierogi ruskie,z kapusta,zkapusta i grzybami,z miesem,z owocami,krokiety,zapiekanki-u can find that staff in asda,they r really popular thinks and usually most of them r out of stock-try again-good luck:-)also try on Millrd-international shop and Chestertoonrd-international shop. Sainsburry-poledwica sopocka,kabanosy. Good luck and enjoy,i mean smacznego:-)

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