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Warsaw to Szczecin--bus, train, fly? 1 adult, 2 children. Suggestions needed

7 Dec 2009 /  #1
Hi I will be traveling to Poland in June and will be visiting people in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski for a week, then will be traveling to Szczecin for another week to visit other friends. I am wondering what would be the best way to travel from these locations? I was thinking of having my family/friends drop us off in Warsaw, then take a train to Szczecin.

Approximately how much would that cost? Is this the best way to travel? What about a bus? I would also consider a car, as I have driven in Poland several years back, but always with someone from Poland, so this would be on our own.

Thank you in advance for any advice.
7 Dec 2009 /  #2
I don't recommend a bus.

Train times are here:

but I dont know when next years time table is out.

Driving would take a long time as no motorways on that route.
7 Dec 2009 /  #3
but I dont know when next years time table is out.

It's available already - go via :)

Warsaw to Szczecin by train should be about 6 hours with a change in Poznan, or about 4:30 if it's a direct train. Pricewise - depends, you can do it as cheaply as 75zl or so, or could be 200zl for the best trains.

I'd recommend the train personally - there's two IC departures (reservation mandatory) a day, one TLK departure (reservation mandatory for part of the route) and two IR departures (no reservations) - off the top of my head, IC should be about 150zl, TLK about 65-70 and IR about 50zl. I'd recomend IC trains if you're travelling with a family as they give peace of mind and are very comfortable. TLK or IR can be hit or miss.
7 Dec 2009 /  #4
What's your starting point prior to getting to Warsaw? Depending on that, you might even consider flying into Berlin and then train.

Ostrowiec, OK, got it. Not Berlin then. It's a damn long drive. I did Wolin - Lublin this summer and it took about 12 hours if I remember right. But at that time of year, it could be quite pleasant with a couple of stops on the way.
8 Dec 2009 /  #5
Thinking about this, I've seen Poznan-Bydgoszcz/Krakow/Szczecin/Zielona Gora flights advertised, so there could very well be a flight from Warsaw to Szczecin - but the IC train is a much, much more pleasant way of travel.

Don't make the mistake of going to Lodz on the grounds that it's closer to Szczecin than Warsaw is - the connection from Lodz Kaliska is shockingly bad.
OP Kasha1968  
8 Dec 2009 /  #6
Thanks to all of you for your help and suggestions. I think I may try the train route (avoiding Lodz) so we can sit back and enjoy the scenery to Szczecin. It would be great if I could get a direct train, but I will take what I can get.

delphiandomine, you mention prices. Is that per person?
Thanks again
8 Dec 2009 /  #7
Yes, it is. I've had a look at the current timetable and it's 114zl per person - however, this could go up with the new timetable. I'd predict no more than 130zl per person. I'm not sure if PKP InterCity offers child discounts with IC tickets - I would assume they do, but I don't know for certain.

I've just double checked and the journey takes 5:30 or so direct on IC trains - it's a pleasant enough journey and painfree. I don't recommend a car or a bus - the road from Warsaw to Lodz is terrible, and while Lodz to Nowy Tomysl (south of Szczecin) is motorway, the road from Nowy Tomsyl to Szczecin is busy and dangerous.

If you want it sorted before you go - contact Jeffrey Dobek at Polrail - - his customer service is said to be second to none :)

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