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No Polish villages on google earth

Smokeyone 17 | 62  
4 Jun 2008 /  #1
Does anyone know of something better than google earth. It has Polish cities alright but does not seem to have close up's of Polish towns - any suggestions please.
DaveInCal - | 23  
4 Jun 2008 /  #2
I noticed that too--I wonder why you can't get close-ups of Poland on Google. Is is a political issue?
OP Smokeyone 17 | 62  
4 Jun 2008 /  #3
I would have thought twenty years ago every square inch of Poland would have been covered..........
4 Jun 2008 /  #4
why dont you contact the cia, they will be able to give you an answer. Especially as poland was a cold war communist country. There must be lots of western spy satelites making sure you dont turn back to communism.
OP Smokeyone 17 | 62  
4 Jun 2008 /  #5
Is that a flippant answer or are you winding me up!
I had already guessed about the satelites when I mentioned twenty years ago....
djf 18 | 166  
4 Jun 2008 /  #6
on flash earth you can get close ups of the centre of Wroclaw but the coverage for the whole of Poland is patchy.
z_darius 14 | 3,968  
4 Jun 2008 /  #7
Google buys their images from
IBM has a similar product that is at times more detailed but I forgot the name.
Other than that it's areal photography which sometimes can be obtained from a local municipal GIS department.
OP Smokeyone 17 | 62  
5 Jun 2008 /  #8
Thanks for the ideas. Tried them out but still the same. Will try and find IBM product but you would think there would be aerial shots of the whole of Poland not just city centres. Otherwise try the local council for aerial shots, that's going to be fun asking...
cjj - | 281  
5 Jun 2008 /  #9
what resolution are you expecting? i can get close enough to see our house but not the dog's kennel :D
z_darius 14 | 3,968  
5 Jun 2008 /  #10
You won't find all the villages and towns regardless of the country. I don't have satellite shots of many places I need for work (Niagara Region, Canada) so I use aerial photos. Sometimes though, you will notice that tiniest and least expected villages are available on google maps. For those small places it's a toss.
OP Smokeyone 17 | 62  
6 Jun 2008 /  #11
Anything below 3.5km and it goes out of focus
cjj - | 281  
6 Jun 2008 /  #12
as I said, i'm able to see more detail than that - in the north of Poland. I can zoom in to the penultimate level. In Gdansk itself the extra level is available.

In contrast with this, when I last zoomed home to NIreland it was very patchy indeed with many areas still like blotting paper after a boring lecture ...

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