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Tri-Cities January 2009 - any good sights not mentioned in guides?

Raskolnikov 4 | 24  
10 Dec 2008 /  #1
I'm due to fly to Gdansk 24th Jan. Only a few days stay so any helpful tips, as ever, gratefully received.

I've done preliminary research re sights and pubs.

Aim to go to Sopot one day.

Any favourite places which are not mentioned in the usual tourist guides?


I've put a meet up request on another thread so if anyone fancies a quick one (ooh-er missus) let us know.
20 Dec 2008 /  #2
Gdansk - the old town. Just walk around. Długa, Szeroka, Mariacka streets. Everything there is beautifull. Walk down the Długa street to Motława river, and then by the river.

Sopot - Beside Molo see the Opera Leśna. It's one of the kind opera. It's naturaly build in the forests just outside the city, but as the city is not that big you walk there. It is a beautifull walk. Wonderful restaurant on the way by the little like - Morskie Oko. Great food.

And of course Monte Cassino street.

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