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I'm off to Gdansk at the end of January

wightlion 1 | 17  
5 Jan 2008 /  #1
Hi everyone,

Happy New Year to you all

Im off to Gdansk at the end of Jan and would like to know what are the chances of snow?

I would also like any tips and info regarding the place too So if anyone on here lives there and could be of some help then it would be a good point of reference
5 Jan 2008 /  #2
I don't know personally but you could check this thread for any answers Moving to Gdansk ;)

edit: actually it's not such a good thread but there might be some help if you click "similar threads" :)
osiol 55 | 3,922  
5 Jan 2008 /  #4
Try this site:

edit: If this page doesn't work, go to the main page and look for Europe somewhere on the left hand side.
5 Jan 2008 /  #5
Thanks Pink

No probs. Good luck :)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
5 Jan 2008 /  #6
i tend to suggest that people stay in sopot unless there is a reason for spending nights in gdansk. whilst there are some good places to go out in the evening in gdansk they are at times hard to find unless you know where your going. do the gdansk tourist stuff during the day when you can just hop on a train and then head back up to sopot for evening fun
OP wightlion 1 | 17  
5 Jan 2008 /  #7
Would that be up and running in winter though?
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
5 Jan 2008 /  #8
what - the train?

hell yeah - its the main transport connecting the cities. sopot to gdansk is about 25 mins and will cost you about 3zls each way. trains run to about 23.30ish, if i remember correctly, depending where you get on.
OP wightlion 1 | 17  
7 Jan 2008 /  #9
Whilst Im on this thread can I please ask anyones opinions on 3 nightclubs on SpiceIsland in gdansk,..namely

plantea hollywood

soda cafe

city of angels

Thanks in advance
Macduff 9 | 69  
7 Jan 2008 /  #10
The in place in Gdansk at the moment seems to be called "all our yesterdays" or something like that, the other places are ok but a bit of a hit and a miss in the winter months
OP wightlion 1 | 17  
7 Jan 2008 /  #11
Thanks Mac,

yes Ive heard of that one

Im being lazy ,you see, as the hotel is at the back of these places lol

Any more that can give me some idea advice regarding these clubs pleeeeease ?
scottie1113 7 | 898  
15 Jan 2008 /  #12
I'm way too old to hit those clubs but the younger guys I work with like Yesterdays in the Old Town and a couple others I can't remember right now. There are some good pubs though. My favorite is Absinthe right by the armory. It can rock at night. I've hears BarBados across the street from the train station is a good place to meet people, although when I've been there it's been pretty quiet.

Snow? Who knows? It's been a mild winter so far with only two days of light snow. For a five day forecast check out wunderground and type in Gdansk before the magnifying glass.

Have you been to Gdansk before? I love it but BubbaWoo is right about Sopot. Oh, and trains run from Sopot to Gdansk until very late. Some of my friends have caught trains as late as 3 am or later.
Doba 1 | 73  
15 Jan 2008 /  #13
Going to Gdansk in Jan isnt the best time, thats one place of Poland I havent yet explored and Ive been told by my cousin that I should Id love it there, I love the beach and the beach loves me, so naturally me on a polish beach would be much fun.

its still on my to do list.
scottie1113 7 | 898  
15 Jan 2008 /  #14
There's a beach in Gdansk too and even a pier although it's not as long as the one in Sopot. Even in winter it's a nice place to walk and there's a nice little seafood restaurant at the foot of the pier. Tacky decor but inexpensive.
OP wightlion 1 | 17  
15 Jan 2008 /  #15
Ah yes but traveling to eastern europe in winter is my favourite as it dont snow like it used to in England anymore.

In summertime its Eygpt and snorkeling the reefs for me

So anyway back to gdansk,....

As pork is my favourite meat,.. anyone reccemmend a good restaurant for pork dishes

and in reply to scottie no never been before so very much looking forward to it
I have been to krakow which was great.
scottie1113 7 | 898  
16 Jan 2008 /  #16
Soda cafe also got a thumbs up from my younger friends, but only on Friday and Saturday nights. They like the Rock Cafe as well but it's a hit or miss proposition and every time I've been there it was a miss. Then again, I don't stay out until the very wee hours like they do, and by this I mean until 05.00. But I've got early morning classes four days a week and they don't so all sins are forgiven...

wightlion, where are you going to be staying while you're here and with whom? How long will you be here? If schedules permit I'd be happy to meet you and give you an orientation to the Old Town area. I live not far from it, only about five minutes by foot. If you have a Gdansk map I'm across the street from the main train station between the Holiday Inn and Madison, a big shopping center.
OP wightlion 1 | 17  
16 Jan 2008 /  #17
End of Jan for 3days mate thursday31st till sunday morning me and 2 mates
I think,Ive got the old town sussed with the help of google earth
just wanted to suss out the clubs for older chaps as I think iwe`d look a bit silly in a teenager bar/club place as we aint on a stag weekend etc etc

heard that (city of angels) maisto aniolow aint too bad for us mature peeps

Came back today and I had a great time
osiol 55 | 3,922  
3 Feb 2008 /  #18
Came back today and I had a great time

Jolly good. Welcome back to blighty.
How was the weather?
spiritus 69 | 666  
4 Feb 2008 /  #19
Came back today and I had a great time

Tell us more ! What did you get upto ? What surprised you most about the area ? What did your mates think ? What was the thing that disappointed you most ?
OP wightlion 1 | 17  
5 Feb 2008 /  #20
Hi all and thakyou for the welcome back.

Firstly the waether was a bit of a disapointment meaning it didnt snow , oh well we cant have everything, was cold which was good but it was very grey all weekend until we got to the airport and then the sun came out,..typical !!

Well I went with 3 friends and we thouroghly liked the city and as it was winter we didnt run into any stag night idiots etc etc in fact we rarely ran into another group of tourists full stop dont get me wrong we all like a beer or 5 but this wasnt the kind of trip we went on as we went to see Westerplatte and the shipyards/ roads to freedom museum so it was about beginnings,..... beginning of WW2 and the beginnings of the fall of the soviet union.

What surprised me the most well i think it was the fact that the city wasnt all geared up towards the touristy type thing and we very much mixed with the locals when out and about which we liked, although that may change in the summertime.

My mates loved it,.. we were a mixture of mid 20`s mid 30`s and me mid 40`s and as they said why come out to another country as do something that you can do at home every weekend in fact one of the group is a night club manager so he pretty much does the club scene every day of his working life, so didnt feel the need to do it here

( although we did visit Miasto aniolow on the firiday)
and they loved the culture and historical aspect of Gdansk.

Disapointments well none really apart from the lack of snow but thats just a personal thing oh and the fact that some bars and restaurants we were looking for no longer exsist and have turned into banks and the like which is strange cos in England banks seem to turn into bars lol
osiol 55 | 3,922  
5 Feb 2008 /  #21
Either you still haven't told us enough, or I've been seriously overdoing it with my holiday experience thread.
OP wightlion 1 | 17  
5 Feb 2008 /  #22
OK to make it a bit easier for me,.. cos not everyone will have the sma eopinion as me and Im not up on this blogging business


ask away and ill reply with a detailed answer
osiol 55 | 3,922  
5 Feb 2008 /  #23
Im not up on this blogging business

Blog? Blog? I've never blogged in my life!
I don't even know what a blog is.
I do enjoy writing, although I've never considered myself to be particularly good at it.

When I'm at a computer, I just have an unstoppable urge to type.
When there's no computer - I talk. Quite a lot.

ask away and ill reply with a detailed answer

Describe where, when and how you had your first meal in Poland.
Make sure you describe the car park (if there was one), furniture and decor.
Was there a really nice waittress? Were there two really nice waittresses?
OP wightlion 1 | 17  
24 Feb 2008 /  #24

the first mean we had was in the Goldwasser restaurant which overlooked the river and I can imagine in the summertime this would be fantastic but as it was winter and with very few tourists around in fact we were the only ones around town at that stage. we were greated with a pleasnt smile off a male waiter no females in there at the time and given the menu

we had to try the peirogi which was great my party chose the eels duck and i had the wild boar all was very very good and of course we had to try the Goldwasser itself which was great.

My best meal was in a restaurant called the "flying dutchman" in the long market when i had the golonka,.. yum !!

i thought Gdansk was great and I Love the polish people

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