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residency proof for visa for visiting Poznan

chaitanyakumar 2 | 2  
10 Nov 2008 /  #1
hello everyone :)

I'll be going to poznan for the UN conference this month end. We have been provided with letters of accreditation for easing the visa application process. I wish to know if i'll need a proof of residency to enter the city. coz as of now i am planning to reside with a couple of new acquaintances and it will be troublesome for them to vouch for me and follow any protocol that might be required.

Any solutions to this problem? please direct me to any previous thread if this was discussed earlier. thanks a lot. :)
Prince 15 | 590  
10 Nov 2008 /  #2
Welcome :).


Visa procedure

Important Note on Visa issues for COP 14 delegates

Following our initial communication in Accra, I am pleased to confirm that as a consequence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs' decision, Schengen visas for the delegations of Parties and Observers (incl. NGOs) as well as accredited media representatives participating in COP 14 are provided free of charge at Polish Diplomatic Missions.

Delegations of Parties and Observers are kindly requested to contact the respective Polish Diplomatic Mission as soon as possible to make necessary arrangements and appointments. Please note that following the Schengen procedure, the issuance process may take up to 21 days.

Please also note that to facilitate the process, the following attachments must be submitted together with visa applications:

1. Parties' delegations
- Copy of Notification by the UNFCCC Executive Secretary
- Cover letter from respective government institution indicating the names of delegates

2. Observers' delegations, incl. NGOs
- Copy of Notification by the UNFCCC Executive Secretary
- Copy of visa support letter by the UNFCCC Secretariat, containing the name of institution/organization and names of delegates

The Host Country will not issue any personal invitations with regard to participation to COP 14.

To get a visa support letter, please contact the UNFCCC Secretariat representatives.

OP chaitanyakumar 2 | 2  
10 Nov 2008 /  #3
i have seen that my friend :) . We have the notification letter and also the visa support letter. What we are worried of, since we dont have a personal invitation from the host country(poland), is do we have to submit a proof of our residence for the duration of the conference once we land in poznan ? Hope i made sense. :)

PS: the visa would qualify as a business visa. so will i need residence proof? thanks

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