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June Weather in Poland - What to wear?

24 May 2008 /  #1
I'm traveling to Warsaw, Krakow and Zakopane next month. From what I see it's partly cloudy with rain in all three places. I expect Zakopane to be more cold and rainy and will be spending time hiking in the mountains. Any suggestions on weather and types of clothes to bring for my travels? Sounds like it won't be too cold in Warsaw and Krakow, but I'm used to Alaska where it can get -30 C in the winter... Hoping for comfortable temps with rainshowers. Thanks.
rafik 18 | 589  
24 May 2008 /  #2
you can expect anything between 18-35 oC.rain or sun.generaly it's warm and sunny but the weather is different each year.
boulia10 1 | 4  
4 Jun 2008 /  #3
Merged: Summer weather in Warsaw

can someone tell me the weather in poland in warsaw during the summer please
4 Jun 2008 /  #4
last summer around 25C - 33C...
spiritus 68 | 666  
8 Jun 2008 /  #5
No offence but asking people what the weather will be like in Warsaw during this summer is like asking us what the numbers on this week's Lotto are going to be.....................we don't know !

Polish summers are generally hot and sunny. When the sun does come out it tends to stay for a few weeks.

Ask us again closer to the time when you are arriving and you'll get a clearer idea.
TereskaUSA 2 | 6  
21 Jun 2008 /  #6
I'm arriving July 1st for 10 days... Do I need a sweater/jacket or just a light parka?
spiritus 68 | 666  
22 Jun 2008 /  #7
I'm arriving July 1st for 10 days...

Tamara 9 | 202  
22 Jun 2008 /  #8
You will need to have a reality check when it reaches 33 and you realize that most places (more now than before but still alot not) do not have air conditioning! Also, that ice in your drink means at most 1 small cube and at that, many will tell you that your drink doesn't need ice as it was kept under the counter where it is cold :). Have fun. Oh and did I mention that "anti perspirant" isn't a common product in Poland? Oh, there's lots and lots of perfumy "deodorants" that are put on in a noxious cloud but just serve to enhance that "eau d sweat" smell" that grown men wear so well.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837  
23 Jun 2008 /  #9
Oh and did I mention that "anti perspirant" isn't a common product in Poland?

ORLY? I have the hardest time buying anything BUT antiperspirant in Poland - and in the UK as well, for that matter - where do you buy your cosmetics?! Walk into any Drogeria Natura or Rossmann and there they are - row upon row of them. Chock fullo'aluminum chlorohydrate (that's why I am paranoid about them). Then there are the spray-on body whatnots, but I wouldn't really even class them as deodorant, they're more along the lines of a weak, cheap all-over perfume. But as far as antiperspirants, there's LOTS. Unless some sort of national catastrophe has wiped them out within the last year. I'm visiting Poland in August so I'll keep you posted ;-)
Lukasz K - | 103  
23 Jun 2008 /  #10
But it can also be cold.
I remember some Julies with temperatures hardly reaching 20 C, and rain...

July is the month with highest rainfall, but often it is due to short but strong evening storms...

23 Jun 2008 /  #11
Right at the moment here in Pulawy, which is south of Warsaw it's 32C, and if you want a reliable weather forecast for Poland the only good one that I have found is the one from the meteorological weather station of the University of Warsaw, and their site can be found here:
Tamara 9 | 202  
23 Jun 2008 /  #12
I have the hardest time buying anything BUT antiperspirant in Poland

Hmmm, well maybe it's a new thing and they just don't use them yet. But to be fair, the last time I was there was 4 years ago and I know things change there fast.
23 Jun 2008 /  #13
Well I have lived here for over eight years now and have never had a problem with finding antiperspirant in Poland; however, I do agree with the "eau d sweat" smell" that grown men wear so well" statement, as I used to live in Lublin and catch the bus from students town to my home, and on a hot day when the bus was full and most were standing holding there arms up, jezzzzz, the smell was terrible :O(

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