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Intensive Polish Courses - any good results?

kie 13 | 42  
1 Jul 2007 /  #1

I am interested in doing an intensive course in Poland which can take up to 2-4 weeks.

Have any of you partook in courses such as these and are they any good? I mean, what was the effect on your Polish as a result? Are they worthwhile? Which school is the best etc?

Thanks, Kieron.
Michal - | 1,865  
3 Jul 2007 /  #2
I went on a summer language programme to Jagiellonski in Krakow in August 1985. It was a good course and you have the opportunity of meeting many people from all around the World. It cost around £600 for all food, accommodation and the daily lessons though I do not know if the course exists today or how much it would cost you. You Polish Embassy's Cultural section should be able to advice you.

In fact there were also simiar courses held at the same time in Lublin but then again, this is years ago.
OP kie 13 | 42  
3 Jul 2007 /  #3
Thanks! How much of a help was this to your Polish?
Michal - | 1,865  
3 Jul 2007 /  #4
I think that it was to some extent as it will no doubt give you motivation as you will have to try and speak out loud in class and that is always one of the greatest problems for the beginner.
Sunflower 10 | 76  
26 Jul 2007 /  #5

I did a taster here, found the teaching to be excellent. Met people who'd done two weeks there and were already speaking pretty good basic Polish and making themselves understood.

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