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Where can i buy a cheap house or a flat in Poland?

21 Apr 2007 /  #31
i have a house in pakistan 250 sm i sell and move to poland tak

or any one want to swap?
26 Apr 2007 /  #32
In a small town ( people) you can buy very nice apartment for that price. If you need help, advice or translation as well as a legal advice let me know: stepala@gmail

reasonable prices

3 Feb 2008 /  #33,Beautifully-located-with-nice-view-plot-of-l and
1 Nov 2008 /  #34
I can suggest you to contact me. I can present you several new flats in Poland

125 sq near the sea, near Gdansk
160 000 usd
with garage, balcon alram, tv, telephon etc

27 Mar 2009 /  #35
if you need flat in poland visit
bolek 6 | 330  
27 Mar 2009 /  #36
Last year flat' prices had grown about 80-100%

Lol, pull the other one, my flats have fallen some 20%... who are you, and stop talking such nonsense.
Polanglik 11 | 303  
28 Mar 2009 /  #37
Bolek, if you check when maverick made that statement , it was March 2007, so he was probably referring to prices of flats in 2006.
Around that time, flat/apartment prices were going up quite considerably.

Presently (2009) there is quite a different situation regarding pricing of flats/apartments and I expect prices are some 20-30% lower than they were last year (2008).
18 May 2009 /  #38
Hi, i'm estate agent from Poland from Jelenia Gora city. Jelenia Gora is very lovely and nice city, placed in mountains so there are beautiful views. I got lots of houses and flats for sale. If you got any questions or you need help to find anything then you got my number :) i'm Marta 0048785 535 613
29 May 2009 /  #39
i am interested please mail me with some 2 bedroomed flats or apartments.. i do not mind doing some work on the properties. thank
PolishCowboy 1 | 48  
29 May 2009 /  #40
Any links to real estate in Krakow, not necessarily AngleCity or the new developments going up but some of the older buildings flats. It does not have to be near the Market Square but also not on the outskirts.
freebird 3 | 532  
29 May 2009 /  #41
Where can i buy a cheap house or a flat in Poland?

I'm not sure about a house but a flat one you can buy just about anywhere :-)
ragtime27 1 | 146  
30 May 2009 /  #42
Here's a link I'm not sure if any good for you:

15 Oct 2009 /  #43
i am looking and interest to buy a house in poland ostrow mazowiecka

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