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Buying an apartment Zielona Góra

24 Oct 2007 /  #1
I was wondering if anybody here has experience of buying something in Zielona Góra. I want to buy a place there as my wife is from there and we even spent a week last year looking at apartments through agency listings.

What I found is that the agencies do not seem to do anything more than list the properties and arrange viewings. The same property can be listed in many agencies. In effect the second hand market seems to be really dependent on chance.

The other thing was that new builds were only available off plans. I will not buy something based on a drawing and most of these developments were sold out before any building started.

We want a modern flat in Zielona Góra, it will be for our use. I just cannot seem to find a place easily that I can actually buy. Can anybody advise?


jkchambers 3 | 33  
24 Oct 2007 /  #2
I was there a couple of months ago looking at 3 sites to build flats. I saw one old building which is currently being converted into flats and I heard that there were a couple of other developments being sold off plan. Two of the 3 sites I was shown were very well located and I may possibly purchase one or maybe both. I am a bit worried about whether I could get a good level of off plan sales as developers are slow to start building unless they are happy that the development will sell. Over the last year or two demand has been such that, in the larger cities especially, all are sold off the plans and none are left for sale by the time that they are actually built. This seems to be the problem you have encountered.

I certainly liked the centre of town and would think that it would be a very nice place to live. Good luck with your search.

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