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Polish priest publishes sex guide

sadieann 2 | 205  
9 Jun 2009 /  #91
When you join the Catholic Church it's to give and honor God only and that is your calling when you forgo Celibacy. Luther felt compelled to offer the Lutheran religion which does allow marriage and instead of a Priest a Pastor. A Priest needs to understand their inner desires and how they want to honor the higher power. I highly doubt the reversal of Celibacy within the Catholic Church?

The book published by Franciscan Friar reinforces that it's ok to be open with sex when married. Good concession to reinforce. Perhaps, people won't feel inhibited due to religion-that's good..Qualified? He says his credentials come from counseling married couples (perhaps, that was quite educating?) He goes as far as saying it should be "saucy, surprising and fantasy packed?")... Backed by Catholic Church... If any PF members get to read it- enlighten us with synopsis..
Switezianka - | 463  
9 Jun 2009 /  #92
I don't think it's because of the priests, it's Catholicism and Christian ethics that clash with their morals.

Or maybe it's just priests clashing with christian ethics? If you don't know, what I mean, think of Luther's thesis. All that protestant mess wasn't exactly about theology, was it?
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
10 Jun 2009 /  #93
Well, Protestants tend to follow scriptures more. Some even controversially maintain that Catholicism isn't even Christianity. Some wackos out there.
terri 1 | 1,664  
10 Jun 2009 /  #94
>>>> He goes as far as saying it should be "saucy, surprising and fantasy packed?")... Backed by Catholic Church...

....could someone explain exactly what 'saucy, surprising and fantasy packed' means...maybe what I'm doing falls into this category, but knowing me (ha ha) I bet not.

Still I'd like to see a clear definition of this.
sadieann 2 | 205  
10 Jun 2009 /  #95
One of us @ PF needs to read the book to get the "saucy,surprising, fantasy", packed details....
grethomory 1 | 155  
18 Jun 2009 /  #96
I think it means.....saucy(hot sauce), surprising(a large phallic toy), fantasy(imagining mine is as large as the big phallic toy), lolololol, haha
sadieann 2 | 205  
18 Jun 2009 /  #97
Haha.. Pop Quiz later...

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