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lets say nice things about poland

krysia 23 | 3,058  
26 Aug 2008 /  #31
Borowiki, sorry. Borówki are red berries I think.

I don't know what this mushroom is called in English.

Borowik is a Boletus.
I got some big ones on my property. I'll take a picture later.
Sasha 2 | 1,083  
27 Aug 2008 /  #32
Do we need a separate thread for mushroom enthusiasts?

That would be nice, Rakky! :)

Borowik is a Boletus.

Yeah, but in Russian we use the word "borowik" usually for "cep".

Another word that we use for that type of mushroom is "bely grib" (literaly "white muchroom").
I know that there're lots of different names that I don't know for the same type of mushroom even within Russia as every region name it in its own way.

Btw this mushroom is called in Russia "polsky bely" (Polish white mushroom) or "dubovik" (mushroom growing under the oak).

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