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How much for a nice house in Poland?

22 Feb 2008 /  #1
How much would it be for a nice house in the country? Something over 4000 sq feet with a few acres of land. How much would a maid cost per week in poland?
22 Feb 2008 /  #3
From 100.000 euros in the countryside to 300.000 in a big city. If it`s Krakow or Warsaw, add next 100.000 or more.


A house in the countryside: 230 K euros.

A multi family house in Krakow: 850 K euros

The site with more offers
22 Feb 2008 /  #4
Its a shame because some years ago, you could pick up a house in Poland for almost nothing. I went round CzÄ™stochowa and I found several nice big houses all for under £30,000. The trouble was that all these houses were nice but when I saw the areas and the dirty unmade up streets and filthy roads I though to myself, 'God, no way would I inflict this sort of life on my family'. With a family it is necessary to think of others too.
Peter L. Kania  
12 Jan 2009 /  #5
i just sold my 4000 sq ft home in krakow poland, (single family) with almost 1 acre of land, that was in krakow just minutes away from the city, with a city view, in a private suburbs for 1,300,000 zloty. since i live in the US, i had to change my money into our currency, Dollars.

And at the time it equaled to $700,000.00 so whoever bought it must have been very lucky at all to find one at all in krakow. otherwise all you will find in this beautiful city is just condos, apartments, even multi-family homes are hard to find.
2 Feb 2009 /  #6
I know of a really good plot which is in a great location based in Konstancin with planning
its currently on the market for 1,000,000 PLN but when built on you could sell it for between 2 and 3 million euro depending on how you finish it.

If your interested contact me chrisbradbury@hotmail
16 Mar 2009 /  #7
How big is the plot and is it in Strefa A or Strefa B ?
eric shappell  
5 Sep 2009 /  #8
Houses for sale in Podgorzyn, Karpacz, Lower Silesia
7 Bedroom Detached House
Price: 230000 EUR

Detached house near Jelenia Gora. Close to main tourist centers - Karpacz, Szklarska Poreba.
Living space: 300 sq.m
7 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, two-cars garage.
Lot: 5600 sq.m - fenced.

Interesting offer for investment.

Price: 800,000.00 PLN (about 230,000.00 EURO).

Advertiser contact details
Name: Beata
Email: Contact the Advertiser
Ad Ref: 157407..please conatact this Email for more iformation eric_shappell@yahoo
21 Sep 2009 /  #9
There are still deals to be had. We just bought 4 acres near Strzelin (some farm land, orchard, small river, old barn, house needing some attention) for 180,000 zl. (around £38k).

It needs some work but is very nice. My wife signed the papers as I wasn't really keen on getting into all of the legal stuff for now. We will need a certified translator when we do transfer it into a joint ownership.

We found the place on the internet on Thursday, were shown around it Thursday evening (haggled the price down from 250,000zl), signed the papers Friday afternoon, and drove home to the UK on Saturday morning. It was refreshingly quick; we paid for it outright, so I think that helped.
21 Sep 2009 /  #10
It was refreshingly quick;

That was quick for a purchase. I don't know how the system works in Poland but don't you go through a similar system where you have to do Land Searches, ownership issues etc or is a Lawyer able to work that fast in Poland ? I can't think anyway it could be done that fast in UK without some risk being associated with such a fast transaction.

It does sound like you have got a really good deal though .

26 Oct 2009 /  #11
the bubble will burst

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