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Poland to join the Schengen zone the beginning of next year

15 Nov 2007 /  #31
can you give me any link?
magda1d - | 2  
5 Dec 2007 /  #32
I phoned polish consulate today and I have good news for all of you with schengen visas issued by other countries. From 21 December Poland will accept all schengen visas which means that there is no need to apply for polish visa anymore. Go and visit this beautiful country.

Good luck to every one!
isiro99 - | 1  
6 Dec 2007 /  #33
Poland must accept schegen visa even b4 21/12/ long as you are NOT staying more than 5 DAYS. in poland.
magda1d - | 2  
6 Dec 2007 /  #34
well, we know that. but the point was to find out if you can use schengen visa issued by other country because Poland will not issue schengen visas until january. and borders will still exist on polish airports until march 2008.
london07 - | 4  
3 Jan 2008 /  #35
Hi magda1d
Happy new year.
Thanks, it is almost impossible to get hold of somebody at the Polish Consulate. From what you said lately regarding borders to exist until March, does it mean that if you have this schengen visa issued by a different country, you will not be able to travel to Poland by plane? It is only valid to travel by coach till March 2008 with a Schengen visa?
Renegade 5 | 8  
21 Feb 2008 /  #36
If you are a foreigner and has entered with a Schengen Visa then I think there is no border at all when you cross from Germany into Poland by train or bus and the stamp on passport would have happenned in Germany; But say I enter Poland through Paris by flight, I dont go through Passport control in Paris airport but in Poland airport, as of now; Possibly by Mar 2008, I would get the stamp on passport in Paris airport and no checking at all in Poland airport;

Please elaborate if someone has more information

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