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Driving in Poland after Schengen Status

Renegade 5 | 8  
30 Nov 2007 /  #1
I am an Indian and has an Indian government issued Driving License; I think, for now, I cannot drive in Poland and need an IDP; But once Poland joins Schengen by Dec 21 or so, will the driving rules become similar to Schengen states? I have driven in France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy with my Indian Driving license;

Am not sure Poland will have the same driving restrictions even after becoming Schengen;

Anyone has any idea of this? Or will
the_falkster 1 | 180  
30 Nov 2007 /  #2
you should get an international driving licence. i believe you only just got away with the indian one while driving in europe.
anyway it doesn't cost much and definitely has you on the safe side...
OP Renegade 5 | 8  
30 Nov 2007 /  #3
There is no separate test conducted to issue an IDP; It is nothing but a translation to international format and in English so it can be used abroad; In Schengen States, I still had my insurance working, if purchased; So, it is perfectly safe to drive with indian license in such european countires; I know even in Quebec State and in Toronto, I am allowed to drive for 6 months with no need for IDP;

I was interested to know whather I need an IDP in January when Poland is a Schengen state; You know, there is some bureacracy and time taken to get IDP in India; That is my problem;

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