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Poland is being flooded by other people's waste

16 Jul 2006 /  #1
"Poland is being flooded by other people's waste," President of Poland's Chamber for Waste Management (PIGO) Dariusz Matlak said, quoted by the Polish PAP news agency.

While some 500,000 tons of foreign garbage are disposed of legally in Poland each year, just as much is smuggled into and dumped against the law in a bid to slash the costs of waste disposal."

How nice... Soon there'll be no "healthy environment" and "organic food" from Poland. Nice move from the German's government that is worried German people buy too much from Poland and too little from their own German producers.
16 Jul 2006 /  #2
Sad but true... In my region (small country) they built two large dump places - one of them is almost as big in size as the whole population of 200+ people there. Boy, in summer it STINKS. Not to mention the value of the property severly declined.

Several years ago I used to pick mushrooms there...
17 Jul 2006 /  #3
Lets not forget about all of the Germans who illegaly simply are dumping their trash over the border..
bolo 2 | 304  
17 Jul 2006 /  #4
I will never forget >"
bolo 2 | 304  
25 Jul 2006 /  #5
Well, on the other hand some Poles don't care about the waste stuff..

7 Jul 2008 /  #6
Good to see poland actually giving back to the EU.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
7 Jul 2008 /  #7
Surely this is in breach of environmental directives? The government are aware of the problem and will urge local communities to adopt a more responsible attitude towards waste disposal.

That was my attempt at sounding like a politician. I guess I did ok.
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
7 Jul 2008 /  #8
This is how you flood a country with your waste - literally !

raw untreated sewage is pumped every day out of the Jewish settlements, along large metal pipes, straight onto Palestinian land is-suppressing-a-secret-it-must-face-816661.html
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
7 Jul 2008 /  #9
Talk about being shat on, LOL

Seriously tho, that's a raw deal :) Frankly, it stinks
isthatu2 4 | 2,702  
7 Jul 2008 /  #10
wow,youve just sorted the whole Arab Israeli question...send in The Sunday Post to deal with it. A few stern phone calls from Morag and Hamish and bingo,satisfied people all round.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
7 Jul 2008 /  #11
The persistent complaining tack works wonders. 'Look Jimmy, am nae hingin up is phone, fit did a tell ye?'. LOL. Back in Scotland on Thu, can't wait!!

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