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What do Polish friends think of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

southern 75 | 7,096  
30 Apr 2008 /  #181
Dennis Kucinich

He looks like the perfect candidate.
hello 22 | 891  
3 May 2008 /  #182
H. Clinton has illegally attended a "NeW World ORder" secret meeting. Now it's a disaster for her supporters or those who believe in human freedom.
F15guy 1 | 160  
7 May 2008 /  #184
Look for a Obama-Clinton ticket in the fall. An Irish guy (O'Bama) and a woman.
Crnogorac 3 | 111  
8 May 2008 /  #185
I am not an American. So somebody could say it is not my business to talk about American presidential candidates, but because of American role in wars in former Yugoslavia and in the world generally it is not unimportant for us who will be elected. First of all my sympathies goes for republican candidate John McCain. Although too liberal for my taste. And inspite of his mongrel "adopted daughter" I still think he is a best choice for USA and for the world.

As far as Obama and H. Clinton are concerned in my opinion Obama although negro is much better choice. Somebody could ask how can I favor negro over white women. Because Hillary has a white skin, but her soul and mental circuit are definitely not white. She represented everything what is wrong in our race and what brings us in situation to fear about our destiny and destiny of our children.

First of all she is leftist liberal. She is radical feminist (even if she tries to hide that). It is not secret any more that she is a lesbian too. Completely frigid about men. Her marriage is only cover needed to climb on a political ladder. She "forgives" Bill's numerous adulteries, not because she is a forgiving person. On the contrary. She uses them to grab him by his balls and makes him dance on her music. Entire her marriage, and even Bill's career was only in service of her enormous ambitions. And ambitions were to become first female US president. Even Bill's mandates were in service of this aspirations. Because while he was a president she got out of the shadow and imposes herself as a "strong political leader" in future. And even now she harnesses Bill to work for her paying that way her "generosity" while "forgiving" him about Monica and the other lovers.

Maybe somebody will not agree with me, but I think Hillary is a cold, ruthless, calculated and enormously ambitious b*itch who will do everything to satisfy her ambitious. Walking over dead bodies if necessary. Her show with "crying" in public was intended to hide this side of her. She didn’t hesitate to spill her false tears after losing in one state just to gain sympathies of women. And she succeeded. She deliberately goes for a women's votes knowing that there are more female voters then male.

And that is her only real argument. The fact that she is a woman. That should convince American women to vote for her. Not her political program, not her views and ideas, not her political stands, not her party determination. No. Just the fact that she could be "first American female president". That should make American women happy.

And if she will be elected she will show her real face. Liberal leftist terror which rules over America and western world today will blossom. And receive a new and strong injection. The laws will be "corrected" in favor of "minorities" - third world immigrants, nonwhites, feminists, queers and lesbians and so on. Oppression and persecutions of racially conscious white people (especially men) and organizations will rise. Women are going to be encouraged to chase careers instead of giving births to children even more than today. White American men will lose their jobs in favor of women and minorities because of "affirmative actions". All these negative trends of today will be accelerated. The institution of traditional family will be weakened by laws and propaganda (both governmental and Jewish Hollywood), Divorces will be encouraged same as "single parent families".

Not to mention Hillary's involvement (together with Bill) in many corruption scandals in Arkansas while he was a governor and she owned an attorney office.

My Polish American friends. Don't underestimate these dangers. Those will be disastrously consequences if such a person gets elected for a most powerful position in the western world.

On the other hand Obama is in my opinion just an exhibit. A puppet on the wire without real chances to be elected. Because he is just an interesting fresh face who should make a campaign interesting for TV stations and sponsors. He has no real power standing behind him. Americans will not elect black president. Whites will not support him, and other minorities like hispanics either. Obama has, inspite public surveys, no real chance against republican candidate (probably McCain). And democrats know that. He is just a sacrificial goat which have to show "political pluralism and correctness" of the democrats. But their real target are 52 percent of electional body - women.

Both democratic candidates have no political and economic programs and solutions for American and world problems, but Hillary and forces behind her have some different goals and they don't really care about that. They are trying to enforce all negative globalization processes and trends. And that's what makes them dangerous. Hope they will fail.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
8 May 2008 /  #186
mongrel... negro

lol... you sooo dont have a place in the modern world
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389  
10 May 2008 /  #187

I have heard it suggested by sources in America that Hillary is actually of Polish descent: Hillary Rodham=Hillary Rodhamski...her father has a mysterious past...some say he was a 'bagman' for various Chicago mob elements, including former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski (D,Il)...Comments?

You are correct in most of your observations...but, I am coming to the conclusion that the Clintons were the victims of heavy blackmail by Israeli-Zionist traitors in the US...but, you see it is hard to judge their participation in certain affairs: both were heavily involved in various dirty money operation, and both were operating with the knowledge/participation of the US 'intelligence apparatus'...BUT, the US intelligence services have been heavily penetrated by Israeli, you know, it is a question of who was blackmailing who, and who was working for who...Bill Clinton appointed more Jews to TOP positions in the US Government than any president in history...

Now, there has been recent heavy publicity, including articles in the NYT, suggesting that Hillary give up her race for the presidency for the 'good of the Democratic Party' it possible that 'alien' elements have decided that Hillary may be too much of a risk for the Zionist agenda, and have therefore transferred support to Obama?...I don't think Obama knows what's what yet...the Zionists alredy have McCain in the bag...unfortunately, the US has become almost like the former Soviet Union in many ways, only with a more sophisticated media spin....Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad 'sayan' (her father was an Israeli ex-patriot who lived in Panama) who was sent to set up Billy Boy, but what many people do not realize was that she also worked in the Pentagon, and is rumoured to have compromised one or two top military men through 'sexual indiscretions'.
Crnogorac 3 | 111  
15 May 2008 /  #188
First of all I think many of you did misunderstand me why I think that Hillary Clinton is a far greater danger to America and the entire world than Barack Obama.

I wrote that for one reason only. Because I think that Obama has no real chance to win against McCain whatsoever. I am convinced that vast majority of white Americans outside few big cities like New York, L.A. or San Francisco will not vote for a black candidate. That is something I could bet on. But I am not so sure that even a republican women won't vote for Hillary. Just because she is a woman. And the largest minority group - the hispanics will not vote for Obama either.

So it isn't the matter of what are Obama's goals and political stands. It's not important what his wife's ambitions are. It doesn't matter what Oprah thinks. Nor Barbara Lee. Because this scenario (negro president) is not possible at this moment. Despite negro or liberal wishes or dreams. Obama is no danger simply because he has no chance to become a president. In the democratic headquarters they are well aware of this. And even if Obama wins more electoral votes they will activate super delegates which as we can see Hillary has much more. Because, Obama may have some chances inside the democratic electional body but on national level he cannot beat a white republican candidate. That's why I think he is just a puppet. Showman who's purpose is to make the show more interesting and attractive for TV and sponsors.

On the other hand Hillary goes for women’s votes. And there lies a real danger. It is quite possible that the American women will vote for her. No matter of political affiliation. The women have majority in electional body and they are too unpredictable to tell to whom they will give their votes. After Hillary was defeated in one state she spilled a few tears and in the next state she won despite all the predictions just because she got many women votes. How can you be confident in such a voters when just a few false and calculated tears can change their minds and make them vote for another candidate? Even on this very forum some Polish women are having second thoughts when they talk about so called "women’s issues".

And we must never forget that there are nor negroes nor anybody else who had to be blamed for sad condition of our white race and culture today. The blame is on treacherous white liberals, leftists and feminists. They are destroying our race from the inside just like one rotten apple spoils the whole box. And they are doing much efficient job then anybody from the outside could ever do. Hillary Clinton completely represents all these "forces of darkness", these rotten apples which spoils the souls of white people. And being a woman running for votes of women she really has a chance to win.

One more thing. Why do most of you have such a bad opinion about McCain? Yes, I know, he is maybe to liberal for a republican, but no more than Giuliani for instance. And he adopted a mongrel "daughter". But it seems that was his wife's "brilliant" idea. On the other hand, he is smart, experienced and tough when he has to be. Unlike many of your politicians he actually fought in the war and, as I could read, showed pretty patriotic and brave attitude there. Specially when he was captured by Vietnamese. His only real disadvantage is his age and health. But at least his mandate can give republicans time to find a proper younger candidate for the future elections.

This situation reminds me of Ronald Reagan. He was also widely criticized and ridiculed. They called him "actor", "cowboy" etc. But he appeared to be the best American president in the last 40 years.

Either way, Clinton and Obama are only two sides of a same coin and they are both disastrously and completely unacceptable "choices" for America. If there still exists a real America, and I believe it does. And McCain, despite his shortcomings is not ideal, but he is the only reasonable solution at this moment.
paulkrupa1 - | 1  
15 May 2008 /  #189
Obama and Clinton have sold out Traditional Family Values. McCain even though he is my choice has sold out to the enviromnetalsists. all three will be good to the EU and Poland. McCain is more qualified in military issues and deffense against terrorism. In the long run I think McCain is good for america and the EU.
Perkovic - | 8  
17 May 2008 /  #190
Hillary is very, very smart..

Hillary showed here not only her (for politicians) typical lying nature but her obvious lack of intelligence. You really have to be stupid to put yourself in such a situation. I mean, being caught lying this way is almost retarded. And this sorrowful lying imbecile wants (and has a real chance to succeed) to be a president of only remaining world superpower. May God have mercy for America and entire world.
F15guy 1 | 160  
3 Jun 2008 /  #191
It appears Obama appears to be on the verge of sewing up the Democratic nomination.

Latest Gallup poll which needs to be taken with a block of salt shows Obama leading McCain 47 to 44 percent. A month ago, McCain was ahead of Obama 47 to 45 percent. The poll found that 58 percent of Americans have a positive image of Obama, 56 view McCain favorably and 54 have a good opinion of Clinton.

But President George W. Bush's approval rating was just 28 percent.
z_darius 14 | 3,968  
3 Jun 2008 /  #192
But President George W. Bush's approval rating was just 28 percent.

Why so high?
F15guy 1 | 160  
3 Jun 2008 /  #193
Quite simple - There is a percentage of people of people who will approve of GW no matter what he does, just as there is a percentage of people who will disapprove.

The US is sorely divided on some issues that seen by many as black or white, e.g. abortion, homsexuals in the military and homosexual marriage. Nothing else matters to them.

Perhaps 1/4 of the people are 100% either for or against all abortion. The other 50% are the swing people. If Bush were suddenly reverse his stand on abortion, he might lose another 10%

I personally cannot understand his strength with our military. He and most of his cabinet were draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. Yea, Bush was in the Texas Air National Guard during that war. It was rich guys' sons playing at pilot. Chaney asked for and received six deferments because he had "more important things to do" than to serve his country in the military.

John McCain is one of the few Rupublicans I can respect on this.

Colin Powell lost my respect when he played lapdog to Chaney and Bush.

Before anyone decides to flame me, I am not a Democrat nor am I a Republican. I am a curmudgeon who belongs to no party except his conscience and splits his ticket carefully.
plk123 8 | 4,148  
3 Jun 2008 /  #194

all politicians lie. look into the 'straight talk express' if you don't believe me. nothing straight about it.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
4 Jun 2008 /  #195
Did anyone see the ghetto girl toss up a "west side" gang sign during Obama's speech? I was watching the BBC and saw this. Embarassing.
F15guy 1 | 160  
12 Jul 2008 /  #196
The Reverend Jesse Jackson certainly put his foot in his mouth over his statements about Obama.

How dumb can you be? The mike is always on.
12 Jul 2008 /  #197
The Reverend Jesse Jackson certainly put his foot in his mouth

OKay, just what exactly did he say? I keep hearing about this..
EbonyandBathory 5 | 249  
15 Jul 2008 /  #198
He said he'd like to castrate Obama.

"I want to cut his nuts off."
-Reverand Jesse Jackson
15 Jul 2008 /  #199
Even on this very forum some Polish women are having second thoughts when they talk about so called "women's issues".

what a bunch of ........anyways.
southern 75 | 7,096  
15 Jul 2008 /  #200
he'd like to castrate Obama.

And transplant his balls to Mc Cain?
EbonyandBathory 5 | 249  
15 Jul 2008 /  #201
I'm afraid Rev. Jackson didn't reveal his intentions for Sen. Obama's balls.
southern 75 | 7,096  
15 Jul 2008 /  #202
Sometimes they are rather selfish.
Crow 160 | 11,025  
16 Jul 2008 /  #203

why you, as Dalmatian insist on that stupid avatar which reffer on ustashe?

Šta ti imaš sa purgerima?
[What you has in common with purgeri?]

NOTE: for those who aren`t familiar.... purgeri - Dalmatian (not only Dalmatian) designation for true Croats (Zagreb, Krizevci and Varazdin- kajkavski speaking regions/ethnic Croat zone)


true representative of sado-maso-sick-terroristic American policy
Dupek Stupak 3 | 43  
23 Jul 2008 /  #204 - NAACP head: Obama win won't solve racial injustice

If an Obongo presidency won't solve "racial injustice", what will?
EbonyandBathory 5 | 249  
25 Jul 2008 /  #205
If an Obongo presidency won't solve "racial injustice", what will?

Parents who stopping teaching it to their kids, and people of privalege denying that it doesn't exist anymore. That would be a good start.
Dupek Stupak 3 | 43  
25 Jul 2008 /  #206
Do you experience racism directly, or only on TV?
EbonyandBathory 5 | 249  
29 Jul 2008 /  #207
My TV has never been racist to me if that's what you're asking.
Dupek Stupak 3 | 43  
2 Aug 2008 /  #208
John McCain was a disaster as a Navy pilot

Why do you say that? You must be getting this news from conspiracy websites.

McCain has thoroughly proven his patriotism. A John Kerry he's not.

Have you ever been tortured by commies?
sledz 23 | 2,250  
2 Aug 2008 /  #209
The Reverend Jesse Jackson certainly put his foot in his mouth over his statements about Obama.

I just seen on the news that if Obama becomes Preisident,
Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. wants to take his place as Illinois Senator.

Oh Hell No!! This loud mouthed racist is worse than his father!
I`ll move out of this state if that ever happens.

Like father ,like son
krysia 23 | 3,058  
2 Aug 2008 /  #210
I`ll move out of this state if that ever happens

Don't move to cheeseland. 51% like Obamarama here. Must be them Milwaukee blacks screwing it up for the rest of us!
Gotta go!
See ya later ;)

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