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wanna meet a nice polish girl in Chicago

flying_eagle24 1 | 1  
18 Oct 2007 /  #1

this is mur@t from chicago 24- male..there is a big polish community here
russian as well..

polish girls are really pretty and kind to me..
i `d like make more friends with polish community
who know, maybe i will find righ person(angel) among them...
by the way, i started to learn seems hard at first..we`ll see..

well, ladies if you live in chicago, just send me an e-mail first:

best wishes,,,
18 Oct 2007 /  #2
polish girls are really pretty and kind to me..

uufff.....i feel better now.... ;)

welcome and have fun flying eagle24 !!!
OP flying_eagle24 1 | 1  
18 Oct 2007 /  #3
thanks for your kind wishes polishgirltx...

yeah,they are nice..but u know what i don`t like polish girls who were born in here..
not all of them but most of them are americanized..i mean they don`t know how to be a nice friend, how to share, how to love,they just know "sex" like others..of course it is important but IT IS NOT EVERTHING..their brains fell into their -ussies..same thing for males also

i am sick of these kind of people..
see you.
18 Oct 2007 /  #4
i don`t like polish girls who were born in here..

they are more American then Polish...but still....
sledz 23 | 2,248  
18 Oct 2007 /  #5
are hot:)
18 Oct 2007 /  #6
yes, some of them... ;)
xtuner17 - | 3  
12 Nov 2007 /  #7
Merged: Hard to find a nice Polish girl in Chicago!

Is it just me or i truly don't have any luck because i just don't see or meet any nice Polish girls right here in Chicago. My university doesn't even have a nice variety of nice Polish girls even though i live in Chicago but there is a couple Serbian girls even though not too many Serbian people live in this city. Ive been to the local pubs and spots but i just dont like what some of those girls represent. Im 21 btw. I was wondering whats the situation like in Poland these days as i havent been there in over ten years but planning to visit soon.
hello 22 | 890  
12 Nov 2007 /  #8
You need to hurry up as many young Poles go back to Europe to get a better paid jobs in the UK, for example. Living without a SS or drivers license is not fun in the US anymore..

But you can always check English-Polish language schools where young Poles learn English. Or Polish bars/pubs like,,, and similar. There is also Copernicus Center where there are often Polish bands, theaters etc.
xtuner17 - | 3  
12 Nov 2007 /  #9
Yeah you got that right there are a whole lot of people without proper documentation and its just difficult to know if the person really cares about you or just wants to become a legal alien as ive heard about these kinds of situations.
sledz 23 | 2,248  
12 Nov 2007 /  #10
There everywhere in my neighbourhood

go to the Harlem Irving mall sometime.

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