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I met this really nice Polish girl...

11 Jul 2006 /  #1
Hi there,

The title of my post is a bit pre-assumed. But thing is I met this really nice Polish girl and I have been out with her as friends now twice. Thing is, as friends, seems to be the only way to go out, because she seems little shy, or maybe its me?

But she actually invited herself out with me when I suggested I was doing something... Anyway, I don’t know if I can take her out like an English girl, or shall I just stick to what I know, take them out for a drink in a nice quiet pub, chat, see how it goes, go out to do something fun, like go to a funfair or something? Thing is, I don’t want to mess it up because I really like her.

Have you got any tips, I know being myself is the main thing, and I am, except for the fact I want to ask her out, rather than go out as friends.

I read your site about English polish translation, but im quite lucky in the respect that she speaks very good English, and she is over here, has done her studies and is just living here and working for a year now. But she said she is thinking about going back to Poland, but unsure when, no time soon.

I really like her she is very nice young lady same age as me (25), and I love all her mannerisms, and the way she talks “funny English”

Maybe im just infatuated, i've hardly contacted her, for fear of scaring her away, I sort of leave it every few days. But I really want to take her out somewhere nice, and just get an idea from her what she thinks of me? I am planning to call her (well I wanted to today but I held off) – saw her on Saturday last (as friends), I was planning on calling her and maybe taking her to see a movie, and go do something nice. Thing is in the past, with women I have just flashed money about, and paid for everything and taken them out and done it that way, but I don’t want to do this at all with her, I’ve sort of got to the point where I want a girl who like me for me?

I think ill cut this email short now, I don’t want you falling asleep on me man!

Well I wonder what you suggest, how I can impress (but still be me) and are the polish girls different to other girls?

Thank You for your time.

annab 6 | 23  
11 Jul 2006 /  #2
Hi Roy,

From your email, it sounds you are really serious about this girl.

I guess the best way to start a relationship without too much
involvement or commitment (either side may be not ready for) is to do
what you’re doing, be friends to allow yourselves time to get to know
each other a bit better. I guess she likes you too a bit since she
invited herself out with you, even if that was just as friends!

If you really want to move further and express your more-than-a-friend
attraction to her, just to make sure that someone else won’t start
dating her while you two are still only friends, you should get the
courage to ask her out. If I were you, I would just ask (if she says yes
of course) what she likes to do, a movie, a concert, pub, disco, walk on
the beach, fishing, a bike ride, funfair, etc..). I am pretty sure she
will tell you what she likes best. It not necessarily may be what you
like best….. At least give her some options to choose from. Be a
gentleman – you cannot go wrong when you are courteous.

Generally the rule is that if you want to get to know her better, you
should choose a place where you actually can talk, without too much
noise. A nice restaurant or cafe can do just fine. It does not have to
be expensive – ice cream may do just fine, but do not invite her for
dinner and end up only with ice cream. People do get hungry at dinner
time… :)).

See, the thing is if you care for someone, you try to make that person
feel comfortable and happy. If YOU want to have fun, on the other hand,
you won’t really care much what the other person feels or likes. If at
some point you want to kiss her, ask if that is fine with her. It may
not be the most comfortable question to ask, but it’s fair. My wife
declined a kiss, but it did not discourage me and today we are happily
Also, the best policy is to be open and honest. Leaving things up in the
air for the other person to guess, usually does not work. Not too many
people are psychics you know.

Most long-term relationship, if that’s what you are looking for, are
successful when a couple has things in common: they like similar
entertainment, activities, maybe similar jobs, similar foods, similar
hobbies, religion (may become a serious issues for some). I guess
couples have to have some common ground to enjoy together and to have
something to talk about. Opposites attract but usually for a very short
period of time.

For most Polish women a family (her husband and children) is more
important than a professional career, even though most women in Poland
do work. But, of course, there are exceptions to everything.

Good luck!

11 Jul 2006 /  #3
your first girlfriend Roy?
11 Jul 2006 /  #4
Well, if you really like her, I suggest you not to treat her like an "English girl". First of all, don't rush it; don't try to kiss her or something. But inviting her to a museum, a romantic movie, or a nice park would be a good idea (don't know if going to a party or disco would be a good idea). Let her start trust you (hopefully you're trustworthy:}. She would like if you were catholic too (not sure if you are).

And be yourself, I'm sure she knows you more than you think by now; don't try to pretend you're someone who you're not. Offer to pay for small things (if she allows you to) and be nice (open her doors, take off her coat etc.).
11 Jul 2006 /  #5
Not true.... when people are too similar, this is even worst than if they would be different...
14 Jul 2006 /  #6
I disagree:). The relationship between "similar people" are usually stronger and last MUCH longer than between those who are just "fascinated" with each other (for a short period of time). I know it from my experience...
28 May 2007 /  #7
Merged: very nice you aga

i new on girle she is from poland and very very nice and beatiful i was really enjoed with her i just want to say to her thank you my girle all kisssss for you my ??????????????????????
Goonie 8 | 242  
28 May 2007 /  #8
is this borat? lol
28 May 2007 /  #9
28 May 2007 /  #10

And I thought Polish words were short a few vowels.....

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