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Semi-long distance relationship

Renshi 1 | -  
17 Jun 2008 /  #1
Hi there, I've been having an awesome year so far after getting together with my polish boyfriend that I've known for awhile. (I've been reading the forums on and off just to try to pick up any random polish words "NIE ROZUMIEN! NIE ROZUMIEN!" keke) I was just wondering if anyone ever has problems dealing with a long distance relationship and if so, how can you make it work out? I'm not exactly in one of those extreme halfway-around-the-world kinds, but my boyfriend lives in a different city and commutes to attend the educational institute we both are enrolled in. It has always been like this, and he's generally taken and showed up for courses every day and I saw him maybe a few times (now that it's summer, once) per week. However, in the fall, he's taking the time off to work to pay off tuition and I'm worried about how to keep the relationship strong for then.

...and apparently his mother would rather him date a Polish girl (from what I hear, she's extremely overprotective); so I'm extremely hesitant to meet her in the near future.. O_O Maybe if I were European, it wouldn't be as bad.. but.. I can't really help being asian.. D: Does anyone have any advice on getting over that cultural wall?
jagoda12 - | 15  
17 Jun 2008 /  #2
I`ve been in a long distance relationship (Poland-UK) and must admit it works ok so far.We chat on MSN a lot , sometimes twice a day,we text to each other and meet whenever we can.

We are both busy and usually too tired to even miss each other.
The problem is I like it here and he likes it there.
LCzachor 6 | 68  
17 Jun 2008 /  #3
I'm in a long distance relationship... I'm brazilian (living in brazil) :/ and my gf is polish, obviously living in poland.

Well, I'm going to Poland now on june 29th :) Pretty close to see her :)))))
We work very well in this relationship, though we can't see so oftenly (only during our vacations).

Fact is that this kind of relationship is all based on trust, and as long as you trust each other, distance won't be a problem...

About parents.... Well :D That is hard... Her parents didn't agree for the first time. They were like "your friend will come" and blablabla... We even use rings, cause we feel closer wearing that. Now, it has been 1 year of relationship and her parents love me, they noticed that we really want to be together someday, and we will. Her parents love me.. Especially her mom, who treats me as a son... And they also at the beggining were like "Agnieszka, find some polish" blablabla

Things change ;) I think you should just go through it and see what happens, if you really like/love him and vice-versa...

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