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Ring Size - Polish - British conversion

Kiltmaker 3 | 20  
22 Jan 2009 /  #1

I want to buy a surprise gift (a ring) for a lady, and I know that her ring size is between 9 and 10 (measured in Poland).

However, I live in the UK and they have different measures here, like J, K, L,....

Who can give me an advice, what is the conversion of "Polish" sizes 9 and 10 to "British" ring sizes?

PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104  
22 Jan 2009 /  #2
Most ring size converters only measure in US, British, German, Japanese and Swiss but they don't seem to show Polish. The Polish sizes are probably most like Swiss I think making her ring size a J or K. I am not 100% sure on that so please don't rely just on that. A good jeweller here in the UK should be able to convert for you.
ladykangaroo - | 165  
22 Jan 2009 /  #3
size conversion chart,ModPages/ShowPopup/60

Size 10 is K. Known from own experience.
Lotnik767 3 | 145  
22 Jan 2009 /  #4
My wife’s rings sizes are between 4.5 and 5 in USA
22 May 2009 /  #6
What is Polish size of US size 6?

Thank u for help.
Dawidawid - | 2  
29 Sep 2009 /  #7
Thank you. I have been searching for this information for a few days. I need to re-size the ring I have for my girlfriend, but I'm back in America right now.

IrishinPoland 1 | 22  
30 Sep 2009 /  #8
I jokingly measured my girlfriend's ring finger with a ring (size L) I got in a barnbrack last Halloween (Irish trad is if you get the slice of cake with the ring you gotta marry within a year). When I got the size L engagement ring from in the UK it was as big as a hula hoop. Not their fault, he ring was a perfect size L and really beautiful (one of few fair trade rings ya can buy).

Moral of the story, never trust a barnbrack ring if you are trying to buy the real job!

Usually there would also be a pea, a stick, a piece of cloth, a small coin and a toy ring. If ya got a slice with the pea you would not marry that year; the stick was "to beat one's wife with" (hmmmm, interesting tradition), the person would be unhappily married; the cloth recipient meant bad luck or poverty; the coin meant wealth was coming your way; the ring, as mentioned above, signified that you would be wed within the year.

So if you are Polish and waiting for your Irish loved one to pop the question then make sure ya stock up on barnbrack cakes and load them with rings for October 31st.

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