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Ok new game polish experience take 2

dourbest741 2 | 29  
10 May 2007 /  #1
Hi everyone. I've made some good friends here along the way and this forum is awesome. Now I posted in another post about transitioning from a romanian relationship to a polish one. Here is the update and I need some of your ideas.

Here is a quick recap. Girl has been here for 5 years or more. We've been going out a once per week as she gets out at 10pm usually and places close at about oh 10. So we do weekend things. Now she wants to be friends first and grow it out from there. Now honestly its been a couple of months. From dating romanians I feel kinda wrong to do this but here it goes. My option is to sit and wait until this polish bonsai tree grows or should I start going out with more polish girls until one commits to a relationship?

Now this is new for me. My first year trying out Poles...but Poles in my city who have already been exposed to yankee culture for a few years. I mean dating many girls at one time is something I use to do almost 6 years ago. But I'd like to get into a relationship so I can make my own determination if the "polish" thing is what its cracked up to be and growing friends is kinda nutz. So I've heard here that polish girls date many guys at the same time and then I hear some don't. Looking to operate correctly within the polish rules. Ok everyone.....lets hear it! :D
11 May 2007 /  #2
My first year trying out Poles

i must say that you're really silly. You'll never find love if you go looking with such specific qualifications in mind(let me try polish now, hungarian in a month etc). Women are not food. They're not all the same just because they're from the same country. Open your heart to a beatuiful woman, regardless of ethnicity, and see how she responds.
OP dourbest741 2 | 29  
11 May 2007 /  #3
Sorry for the term. But a more politically correct explanation would be:

I've grown up in a romanian neighborhood and have thus far had relations with women from that culture. This is my first encounter with a female from a culture which is defined as Polish and wanted to make sure the social dating rules were correct. Although none of the romanians were exactly the same they did show similarities which coincided with their upbringing, culture and tradition. So from my previous description above I was hoping on whether this friendship sounds like it has any possibilities of growing into more or is it preferred to see multiple women from this culture until one develops into a relationship?

Sorry I put my previous post in leaman's terms.
sparrow 2 | 243  
11 May 2007 /  #4
What you need to do is stop thinking in terms of "Polish" "Romanian" "American" relationship & just think outside the box for a minute or 2. Just think of it as a relationship.. People from around the globe aren't that different when it comes to romance or love.

Does it feel right for you? Do you have feelings for her but are they unanswered? Don't pinpoint yourself on where's from, think about is this what I want?
11 May 2007 /  #5
And your statement is still far from being politically correct.To be such it should be called
my new marriageplan,polish angel part2.
OP dourbest741 2 | 29  
11 May 2007 /  #6
oooh. Southern you know how to write it.
11 May 2007 /  #7
Southern you are cool sometimes ~@_@~ even though we don't understand your logic :D
OP dourbest741 2 | 29  
11 May 2007 /  #8
Hey southern you did hit it on the bullesye. Just seeing if this thing will even lead that far. Its hard to guage though as a lot of my friends in my city have been friends with their boyfriends for over ayear before moving forward intimately. And then there are some that find out a year later that they are staying friends which is disappointing I have to admit for any person because you put in a year of time when you could have gone out with other people to find your other half.
13 May 2007 /  #9
Dourbest you do not understand the dynamics.Why do you not come to Europe?We may join our forces and invade together the polish land to grab as many girls as possible.
13 May 2007 /  #10
a few things to remember.
1- do not spend more than 40zl on a date
2- if she does not put out by the 3rd-4th date, she never will and all you will get is a "friend"

3- chances are pretty good that she is dating other guys in her city or pursuing a relationship over the internet.
4- she has already made up her mind in the first 10 seconds of meeting you whether she will sleep with you or not.
5- games will be played.
6- don't waste your time and money on someone with whom you want to be more than just friends. If that is what you want.
Frank 23 | 1,183  
13 May 2007 /  #11
nauczyciel....have you bin burnt or wot man!!!!

I can still smell the sizzling flesh from here....!!

You musta bin played a lot and have way too many girl"friends".........when all you really wanted to do was spread your knowledgable seed!
13 May 2007 /  #12
i have been thru it all before....

i have many women friends, and they have all told me how they work when it comes to men.

The best thing to do in battle, is to know how your enemy thinks.

and i just wanted to pass along some knowledge to my fellow men/soldiers
Frank 23 | 1,183  
13 May 2007 /  #13
I did post the masterladder theory on another thread...which some female posters find offensive, OTT...but its not far wrong...let me know if you want the link again!!!
13 May 2007 /  #14
The ladder theory is wrong.It does not take in account the social factor,so it is narrow-minded.Nauczyciel has interesting stuff to tell.
Frank 23 | 1,183  
13 May 2007 /  #15 all ears..!!....naturally.......its a generalised thing....but........
13 May 2007 /  #16
Nauczyciel do you think polish girls press for marriage after sex,do they have sex for pleasure or as means to marriage and do they alternate quickly between boyfriends?

Do you want to hear why ladder theory is wrong?
Frank 23 | 1,183  
13 May 2007 /  #17
S....go ahead...all views input sure N wants to hear as well!
13 May 2007 /  #18
The ladder theory suggests that women put men in a ladder and men do the same.This means they value them.This is right.Of course they value them.The point is if this is enough to explain attraction.
Frank 23 | 1,183  
13 May 2007 /  #19
hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm........................keep going....S
13 May 2007 /  #20
The ladder theory says women value men by money and looks mostly.Who says the opposite?This is common stuff.But then the writer observes that many women go for losers,outlaws.How is it possible if the former is valid?When he tries to explain,the theory proves wrong.

Then he makes an important remark.All women cannot find a wealthy guy because wealthy guys are few,so many end getting hooked by outlaws.Because then outlaws have what matters.

So he makes a circular argument,women want wealthy,good looking guys,this is obvious,they fall for outlaws but you know,what they really want is wealthy,good looking guys etc.

The whole point from men's view is not what women actually want.Not what ladder theory tries to explain but what really happens if we ass to the interaction the social dynamics.

if we add I mean.That is why do women prefer outlaws,drinkers and losers to decent,nice men.This is important.These men have a position in ladder totally disproportionate to what it should be by the author's criteria and his theory fails to explain this position because it is too narrow-minded,in fact it is loser's theory or average fustrated guy's theory.Nobody who gets a lot of women will start talking about ladders,boyfriends's laddres and friends's ladders.He does not see himself on a ladder.

He sees himself as the leader.

The ladder theory is two dimensional while the whole interaction is three or four dimensional.Trying to simplify the four dimensions into two the writer fails completely.
Frank 23 | 1,183  
13 May 2007 /  #21
But...people don't know they are on a ladder...its just a theoretical explanation...which holds water for the ordinary, average guy.....
13 May 2007 /  #22
There is ladder but it does not matter.Let me give you an example.
If you compare Liverpool to Manchester what place in the ladder do they have to each other?Does it matter?It matters what is their place in the Premier League.Do you know the latter?Yes.This is the ladder that matters and both know it.The other is obscure and it does not matter if they do not know it.
13 May 2007 /  #23
people don't know they are on a ladder.

I think that EU should finally realize how important this theory is and make it part of the EU legislation.
Frank 23 | 1,183  
13 May 2007 /  #24
Lol........yes...because..they don't realise...some university/researcher nut has done a thesis on holds water for some people....but not only thing with ladders is...I fell off a real one once....:(.....
13 May 2007 /  #25
.some university/researcher nut has done a thesis on same...

maybe somebody by the name of southern???
Frank 23 | 1,183  
13 May 2007 /  #26
Lol.....Miranda.......are you in a gud mood 2
13 May 2007 /  #27
no more than any other day, getting rid of the rage must have helped:).
Thanks Puzzler:)
Eamon - | 27  
13 May 2007 /  #28
We are all animals lets not forget, men are the hunters woman are the home makers by nature that is, women's instincts are naturally to seek out the best provider, used to be the strongest, now the pen is mighty ,it is the richest, plus women are very emotional creatrs , men are more practical,

you will never work them out lol
13 May 2007 /  #29
plus women are very emotional creatr

the opposite of emotional is "rational", not practical if you decided to take the path of generalizing both of the sexes.
13 May 2007 /  #30
O.K. ladder theory.How does it explain that some ugly,poor men are seen with gorgeous women?That other rich,good looking men get the worst looking and terrible personality women?And this does not happen uncommon.Ladder theory simply fails to explain attraction.

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