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Eurola 4 | 1,909  
7 Jan 2007 /  #31
Oh, migod! Krysia. This is so funnyyyyyy!
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
7 Jan 2007 /  #32
Excellent keep up the good work Krysia
David_18 68 | 982  
7 Jan 2007 /  #33
Krysia have you done the pic it by youreself?
krysia 23 | 3,058  
7 Jan 2007 /  #34
David, I'm an artist.
David_18 68 | 982  
7 Jan 2007 /  #35
I think you are a great one :)
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
7 Jan 2007 /  #36
I hope you're making a buck here and there. You've got talent.
Moralny 1 | 60  
7 Jan 2007 /  #37
krysia, krysia, are You jealous?:) Honestly I also dont want other less more black people here in PL, I know from my friends how much english people 'like' them in UK. Thank You very much for it! But I am not racist, we simply dont need them. We dont need ethnic problems. We had no colonies etc.

MATRIX, If they were talking that polish men are ****tis I am sure that these girls wasnt better than theirs men :) (you dont have to translated it). The facts: black, middle europens, Indians, Pakistans etc are dreaming about white girls especially pritty blondies (it;s nobilitation for them) and polish girls are ... white and quite nice (unfortunatelly) and stupid (sometimes) ...and curious... and ... naive and not prepared for globalisation. HIV example for example.

Maati, even If he is flustrated so what? This globalisation also piss me off, do You want to check if I am impotent? :)

Amathyst: Wanda GADOMSKA-BOUNAKOFF in that PDF. What a nice pritty and inteligent polish girl and look at her surname. Poland is bleeding my polish friends and we dont see it. Other example - talented Krysia. Prediction: within 30 years – trolls and old people in PL the rest ? Vanished into thin air. Reason: cosmopolitan **** in the heads.
Wayc00lio 2 | 57  
7 Jan 2007 /  #38
Krysia, did you draw that, really!!!! Fantastic!!!!

You are very talented!!!!

Here is my effort!!!
David_18 68 | 982  
7 Jan 2007 /  #39
Moralny i dont understand you are you from Poland or Spain??
Moralny 1 | 60  
7 Jan 2007 /  #40
From Poland, what?
David_18 68 | 982  
7 Jan 2007 /  #41
Remember that you are a pole youreself:)
Moralny 1 | 60  
7 Jan 2007 /  #42
You are young David.
David_18 68 | 982  
7 Jan 2007 /  #43
SO?? wanna test me in Polish history, i can bet that i know more then you:)
Im maybe young but that dont mean that im stupied...
Moralny 1 | 60  
7 Jan 2007 /  #44
no I dont think that you are stupid .... well I was also talking about that young people like You David. You are good, trust people, You are open, honest etc.
David_18 68 | 982  
7 Jan 2007 /  #45
Matrix where are you?? comon you need to reply i sad that youre spanish girls are hairy!! most of them are gypsys and black too.
8 Jan 2007 /  #46
Spanish are ugly,most have hair as you said everywhere,they are also FAT nowdays :/ Have big noses,and weird hair...
The worst you can see is propably a black woman with hear everywhere ...and yes black are everywhere.And it's rare to see a black female with white male.And anyway most of thme look more like male than a female.

I didn't say that polish girls are ugly,did I ? I just said that they are to 'easy' for 'exotic' guys.They are more beautiful that spanish of course.

DAVID 18,tell me about your woman ? I heard that in your country woman cover their faces?? Is that true ??? When i watched about Sweden on TV i saw only ones covered ??? Weird your country is ! At least in Spain black don't hide thieir bodys ...

Krysia it's not funny...i wonder how you look !

DAVID do you think i showed them my 'little one' ?? MY country is CIVILIZATED,not like Sweden with tradition of covering their facies ...
I am not gay.

Someone said that Paki,Indian,Black people etc etc love white woman,sure the do ! It makes them feel better,was move about it even,but those AMERICANS watch only MTV,bundy's family(or somethnig like that),or other crap.
David_18 68 | 982  
8 Jan 2007 /  #47
Yes its true that the arabic and The black people are hiding their faces but its not my ppl:)
It is living maybe 4-500.000 of this people and many of them are ppl that are coming from bad conditions like war starv etc etc etc.

But still you know the Spanish girls are Hairy and the beautiful onec are foreigners:)

Krysia it's not funny...i wonder how you look !

She is looking nice for her age. I wonder how you look, she at least post her pic. you only talk **** about that you are banging 2-3 poles at time stop fool around you are a hairy spainyard that only get girls for money, BTW i dont think you got cash you are borrowing from the bank and throw the money on the street and say look i got "Cash".
8 Jan 2007 /  #48
Well, iam ugly acually.I didn't say she looks bad,didn't even look at her pictures .
I don't have much money,noone bank would borrow me money :),because i chnge works to much
David_18 68 | 982  
8 Jan 2007 /  #49
whats nice in polish girls ??? I have never dated and i will not !
When i showed them my gold card,and porshe they all jumped on me :/ they sux

You are poor and you have a porsche......

Krysia it's not funny...i wonder how you look !

Well explain then what you mean.

iam ugly acually

Sure you are you spanish:)
sphinx - | 3  
8 Jan 2007 /  #50
li'l bit off topic, but:
You're a great artist, Krysia... Like the pics you've done...
8 Jan 2007 /  #51
I like her others pictures,but this one are not nice :P
Porshe isn't that expensive,you can find that old types are really cheap.
She makes fun of those who are hairy,thats why i wondered if she is perfect (or somethnig like that,don't know how to write it)

danuta - | 17  
8 Jan 2007 /  #52
8 Jan 2007 /  #53
I agree with you Danuta
Moralny 1 | 60  
8 Jan 2007 /  #54
Matrix, tranlate some of yours text to spanish or stop saying that you are Spaniard:) It's silly. I think I understand well what you are feeling ... nobody likes more competition and girls (not only) are going to West it's iriteting me double if we are talking about well eudcated and pretty ones. What can I say. Hmm... I dont know how ulgy You are, becouse some people feel ugly but they arent in fact and other people are ulgy (like some funny british guy here) and they are thinkg that they are handsom like Orlando Bloom. So it's also a key. Other key: for girls money are very important whatever they say (meybe not physical in their hand) I think You know it very well. So maybe You should focus on making money like me for example but remember It takes a lot of time. My family havent problems with money so I have never had too but a lot in PL have. I have few friends that are living with parents some of them with their siblings in one room!!! and their faimilies are very poor despite some of them are really handsom they are flustrated as hall I see it and they even dont want to have a girl. Becouse where they will live? It's a big problem. And these .... foreingers are coming here on this forum and are happy as hell becouse they have polish girl. Even more they are going to Poland to 'steal' one or to have fun with. This forum only halping them. As I said we live in merchant-culture. I for example cannot understand people that can earn in PL 1500$ and they go abroad to earn 4000$ but where everything is two or more times more expensive, okey better company, experience etc. Only $$ in the f** head and they are focused on themself. This problem, ours problem (Poland's problem) is more complex but my english isn't good enough to explain it well and It will take me to much time. Texts in Polish here are deleted :). MAtrix if You are smart focus on money. Some british-franch said here - first earn a good position, power, money and then You will find a good girl. You know, good job, flat on credit, car it's not too much. Everybody can do it!!. As a last resort go to England, if you cannot find a good job it in Poland or Spain :)
8 Jan 2007 /  #55
She makes fun of those who are hairy,thats why i wondered if she is perfect

I think he got offended. He must be hairy. Maybe a hairy woman?
Moralny 1 | 60  
8 Jan 2007 /  #56
What's your problem Apocaliptico? Another that is looking for a cosmopolitcal blondy?
8 Jan 2007 /  #57
I have to agree with Moralny.

How could this black guy get so many girls (50-100) in such a short time. Its disgusting that these girls did not even have him get an HIV test. I would not touch an african girl with 10 foot stick unless she got tested.

And whats the deal with Polish girls (and some guys) going after the first black and brown they see. Have some self respect. I notice in the rest of europe the nationalities stick with their own. And this is a problem with Polish women in Poland because there are no black-brown women in Poland! That should give them even more hints to be suspicious of these guys.
shewolf 5 | 1,077  
8 Jan 2007 /  #58
with 10 foot stick

BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
8 Jan 2007 /  #59
I would not touch an african girl with 10 foot stick unless she got tested.

yeah... you gotta watch out for them black people... innit...
krysia 23 | 3,058  
8 Jan 2007 /  #60
I would not touch an african girl with 10 foot stick unless she got tested.

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