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19 Oct 2007 /  #271
iti s excellent to see hwo you have been brought up, i dont hitnk you are british and i feel your parents if you have any would be ashamed of you, can you look inside your heart - you have nothing going for you in life, you partner will see your true nature, there is nothing that can do good for afghanistan with thought that you possess, atleast you are treated like a human here and in europe, i think if you were to educate yourself of the great teachings of muhammad then you will realise he taught peace and equality and he taught kindness even to ones enemy... in afghanistan there was kindness there was peace there was love - now there is hatred... and even muhammad was kind to the jewish people there is no need to be judgemental, calm down young man take deep breaths, you will get stressed out and your 6pack will dillute... dont get 'stoned' over opium! look in the mirror, beyond the handsome tanned skin that actually people from afghanistan dont have you are a nobody just like me and your girlfriend and the next person.
19 Oct 2007 /  #272
and yes look at whats happened to America hahaha ****** up place! why dnt u come to Manchester and see ur polish brothers lol! man i bang polish women and laugh at ur men because they are soooo drunk they cant even please their women!!!!they are cheap weak people! the germans smashed u in one hour lol! u put up no resistance and now u want to come to the UK and bring ur weak crappy culture! its funny to see a polish faggot talk about other peoples cultures and countries! lets ask what the english think of u! yeah! lets ask the BNP what they think ov u lol! cheap drunk and a bunch of ******! the biggest prostitutes in britain are polish women.some respect u have for ur own women lol! maybe their fed up since ur polish men are lazy and always drunk lol!
19 Oct 2007 /  #273
under afghan law your hand can be chopped off for these comments

under british law you can be sentenced for provoking violence in fact this page is recorded and your ip address recorded, i will inform the police that you are inticing terrorism - please refrain from foul and abusive language or leave the forum
dtaylor 9 | 823  
19 Oct 2007 /  #274
lets ask the BNP what they think ov u lol!

i think them racists would have the same problem with you
19 Oct 2007 /  #275
and yes look at whats happened to America hahaha!

you think you are a real hot shot, you know men and women have sexual desires, polish men have had intercourse with you and they have used you, you have no self respectm maybe you have aids yourself like you stated earlier? and the biggest prostitutes in pakistan i have been told are from afghanistan as well as the largest drug smugglers, its excellent speaking with you because it shows that your father who must have been a doctor for tennis balls has not taught you anything about life

police are on there way? manchester wimslow road?
Kilkline 1 | 689  
19 Oct 2007 /  #276
This guys quite quite a talent for conjuring up an image. The use of oranges in this sentence really gives it power.
19 Oct 2007 /  #277
that quote is not mine my friend? well i am jarec but i spell my name jareck in english.. i think this is someone else
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
19 Oct 2007 /  #278
i think this thread needs to die.. and quick.. It was rubbish to start with and reviving it has certainly done nothing to improve the conversation.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
19 Oct 2007 /  #279
why dnt u come to Manchester and see ur polish brothers lol! man

Can you move some where else please, we have enough rag heads in Manchester!!! Lets face it how many English friends do you have???? I will say NONE, whilst there are a number of English that dont really like the Polish I would say the majority hate you lot!!!

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