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Krakow or nearby: LOST LOVE!

26 Mar 2006 /  #1
This is a very long story, but here it goes:

In Feb. of 2005, I came across this Polish girl who was an auspair in Middlesbrough England for a rich family with 2 young children. She had moved there in November of 2004 because she needed to earn money for a hip surgery that her father needed. He had gotten into an accident and was no longer able to work. She went to England, nannied for these people and sent about 95% of her weekly earnings back to her family to save for the surgery. I met her accidentally online playing Yahoo games. It was her first time ever using a computer. The seven year old daughter of the host family had showed her how to use it, and showed her how to play Yahoo pool. Well, her very first game ever, and she came to my table to play. While playing, she started to type to me, but I was unable to make out about every 3rd word due to her poor English skills. She had just begun learning a few months earlier, and she was still learning. I chatted with her for quite some time and told her to sign up for Yahoo messenger and went ahead and gave her my email address. The 7 year old girl made her a messenger account and of course signed her up for a Yahoo email account.

To make a long story short, her and I began to talk for hours nightly via messenger. I helped her with her grammar and spelling as much as possible, and she appreciated the help. We talked about everything ranging from family, our countries (USA here), our jobs, our loves, cooking, school etc etc. After time and many hours spent with this girl, I began to fall for her. What a beautiful girl in all aspects of the word. She loves family, children, appeared to be honest, loyal, and very hard-working. As time went on, I occasionally talked with her boss (lady of the house), and of course I asked a lot of questions about this girl. I was very skeptical because of the obvious fact that foreigners often come to the States to marry an American man and become residents here. I did everything I could for months and months to assure myself that this girl is for real. Everything that was ever said between this girl and I was absolutely confirmed by her boss, the 7 year old, her elderly friend whom I also talked with, and another girl her age (a friend of hers). As skeptical and cautious as I was for months, I finally decided this girl was for real. Everything that was ever said checked out 100% by everybody who knew her. She was the most perfect girl: loves family, children, cooking, cleaning, honest, loyal, beautiful, the whole "nine yards", if you know what I mean.

She sent many letters home to her mother and father during her stay in England. I'm sure at least once or twice per week. She told me that in many letters she spoke about me. She told her family that she had found this wonderful man (me)who loves her, treats her like a queen, and loves her for who she is and doesn't care if she's a doctor or a laborer (you get the point). By the way this girl is 20 years of age, and I am 32. However, I don't look a day over 23, this I guarantee. I do a lot of modeling on the side, and I never look a day older than those in their very early 20's. This girl knew my age and told her mother in the letters that she sent to her. Her mother and father never said anything about it, so we figured everything was just fine. I firmly believe age is not so much a factor, it's love that counts, and love is never planned. It is just something that happens. After over 13 months of talking each night for hours and thoroughly convinced this girl is absolutely as real as I am sitting here typing this, she gets a letter from her mother that says she finally has the money saved up for her father's surgery. Her mother said that she would be coming to England on March 22 (last week). This is exactly what happened. We assumed this was a visit by her mother to say a good-bye to her daughter before she came her to be with me in the USA. We figured this because in the last letter she received on March 15, her mother had wrote, "your father and I hope that you will be happy with your USA boy when you go there soon". Her mother and father knew everything about me...and I mean EVERYTHING. This girl swore that she had told her family everything, including my age. Honestly, I believe that she did tell them.

So, on March 22, her mother arrives in England and is picked up at the airport. She goes to the home of the family where this girl nannies. The boss (Hellen) was talking to this girl's mother and mentioned that soon her daughter will be happy when she is with her new man in the USA. At that point, the mother began asking questions. I had what I thought was a very good relationship with the boss; she always said she liked me and that this girl and I would be perfect together. Well, in conversation, the boss mentioned that I am a wonderful man and 32 years old. The mother went crazy, grabbed her daughter, called her a liar, demanded she grabbed her things, and dragged her out the door to the airport. She took her right off the job and brought her back to Poland. She told her daughter that she had lied to her about my age, and that God thinks she is a bad girl for doing this. She said that this USA man is OVER and she will never be allowed to speak with me again. I firmly believe that her mother knew my correct age. The only possibility is that maybe she mistook 32 as age 23 as the boss said in an email that she sent to me. This girl told her mother on a few occasions about my age and even sent her pictures. I expected everything to go well on the 22nd and to have my love with me by mid-April. Well, I got to work, checked my email, and there was this TERRIBLE email from the boss stating what had happened. I got nothing else. I was absolutely heartbroken,torn,wrecked. My world had been shattered, to say the least.

So, now I sit here wondering what in the world I can do to find out exactly what has happened. I have never had a phone conversation with the bosses (host family), and I've never even talked to this girl on the phone. Mainly, we did all of our conversing online so as to not interfere with the privacy of her host family by using the telephone. We also conversed through letters. I cry each day and have problems sleeping just wondering what has happened and what will happen next. This is absolutely no joke; I am very down about all of this. I wonder if all of this was just a hoax, but then I remember all of the time that I challenged these people and they proved themselves to me to be 100% legitimate, real, and sincere. I did send the girl money for a plane ticket to get here; her boss was going to book the ticket for her once her mother gave her the OK to come here. Her boss confirmed that they had received the money was back in December of 2005 when I sent it. I wondered if this was all a big scam, but I truly do not think so. The host family lives in Middlesbrough England and checks out. The family owns many businesses and is very wealthy. The girl "to this date" has me convinced that she is as truthful as anyone I've ever met. There are several things that could have happened, but there is ONLY ONE WAY to know for sure. I have to find out for myself. I have applied for a renewal of my passport and have already checked on plane ticket prices and hotels. My big problem is: this girl said she is from a very small village called Dobra in southern Poland. She said that her family is very poor and that they don't even have electricity or phone service. She lives quite close to Krakow because she cycles there often to swim in a public pool (swimming is her love). I've found a very good man in Warsaw that has been assisting me with trying to find this family. We believe that they may live in the tiny village of Dobranowice about 10 miles south of Krakow.

Is there anyone here familiar with this area who can assist me? I am a very sincere man ready to swim the ocean and crawl across Europe to find this girl, or at least the truths. As well educated as I am and as logical of a thinker I am, I must say that all of this has me very stumped. I find myself with tears in my eyes routinely through the day trying to understand exactly what has happened. I am begging that anyone with any knowledge of this area, PLEASE HELP ME! I know there are good people in the world you can assist me; I also know there are people on this forum from the Krakow area. At first, I thought that maybe she was from the city of Dobra (3100 residents), so my friend in Warsaw made some phone calls to the city even to a priest there. Nobody had heard of the family's last name, and when he asked if everyone there has electricity and phone service, the answers were always, "Yes, of course". I'm guessing this would be far for a girl to cycle to go swimming (about 40miles as a bird would fly to Krakow), so I'm confident if the family exists in that area it is likely Dobranowice (in the country nearby). If anyone here can assist me, I plead of you to please contact me. I will pay you back for all efforts in any way possible. I need to have a good plan layed out before I travel there (planing to do so around April 17). I need to know where the family lives, how to get there from Krakow, where to stay in Krakow etc.

<u>Girl I'm searching for</u>:
Name: Julianna Gregorski
20 years of age
Born: March 5, 1986

If you have knowledge of this family, the area, or anything that can assist, please send me an email. I also have Yahoo Messenger and Skype, so I can be contacted by those ways as well. I live in Wisconsin, USA. My time zone is Central Standard Time (CST), which I believe to be about 7 hours or so behind the time in Krakow. My heart tells me to find out if this girl is really my destiny. If so, I need to go there, meet the family, and prove to them that I will love, honor, and worship their daughter for the rest of her life. Help me determine if this is destiny or fate.

<u>My contact info</u>:
Kip Zach
Yahoo msgr: camaro_supra_lover
Email: krzach1@yahoo
Skype name: kip_zach
28 Mar 2006 /  #2
The host famly she was working for has to have her address or the company they hired her from. Trust me......That is who should be the first to ask. You don't just hire a nanny for your kids with out credentials and checking them out.
29 Mar 2006 /  #3
You might be better off going to a Middlesbrough message board to find her friends.
That way might be safer and save you some embarrassment.

Why can't she access the Yahoo account from Poland ?

Have you written to her ex-boss ?

Also, her name should end in 'a' not 'i'

To be honest I don't think that you are going to get the result you want. I sorry to say it.
30 Mar 2006 /  #4
i think you have been had here ,hope iam wrong ,but as someone already mentioned the host family should have her address or something .
have you tried asking them for it ?
31 Mar 2006 /  #5
"It was her first time ever using a computer."

Well... It doesn't sound right. Are you sure that she really exist ?
9 Jun 2006 /  #6
pretty dodgy !
23 Jun 2006 /  #7
Are you sure that she really exist ?

23 Jun 2006 /  #8
anybody knows what happend to the story?
1 Sep 2006 /  #9
I think you've been had. If the family was poor, how would her mother know how to speak English to the family in Middlesbrough?

What's more, if she is Polish, her surname would end in "a". Not only that, Julianna is not a Polish name. Chances are she's of Polish origin, but living in another country.

I found your post on another forum with a picture of her:

this looks like a model to me. And if you look between her eye and the hair, there's a shade of blue. This picture has been edited.

Oh one more thing, maybe check the headers of the emails that you received from her. They will have a source IP address, and you can get a rough idea where the emails were being sent from. This will help verify where she actually was, and you can also compare against the ones that apparently came from her boss as well.

I've managed to track someone through message headers right to their address!
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
1 Sep 2006 /  #10
All model pics are edited :)

This girl isn't even for real. Never talked on the phone? WTF?

I doubt you're here anymore but it's a lost cause :)
1 Sep 2006 /  #11
I think you've been had. If the family was poor, how would her mother know how to speak English to the family in Middlesbrough?

What's more, if she is Polish, her surname would end in "a". Not only that, Julianna is not a Polish name. Chances are she's of Polish origin, but living in another country.
krysia 23 | 3,058  
1 Sep 2006 /  #12
What's more, if she is Polish, her surname would end in "a".

In America my mom, sisters and I, had to change name from "ska" to "ski" because they said those are two different names. So it does sound funny in Polish, but in America nobody notices.

I knew a Polish girl Julianna. It might not be Polish though.
1 Sep 2006 /  #13
In America my mom, sisters and I, had to change name from "ska" to "ski" because they said those are two different names.

That's why you like to ski.. hehe
krysia 23 | 3,058  
1 Sep 2006 /  #14
And snowmobile.:)
16 Dec 2006 /  #15
From Larrabee and Ball Bearing Supra

She's like your supra's, non existent!

FISZ 24 | 2,116  
16 Dec 2006 /  #16
Supra's suck anyway.
ANIAH - | 60  
16 Dec 2006 /  #17
Julianna is a Polish name.

Did you ever get a phone number?

It seems unlikely that they would have no electricity unless they have been cut off. ???

There are internet cafes in all major towns in Poland.

I think if this girl really existed she may have taken your conversations online as just that: and Internet acquiatance. In other words, not the same as a real acquiantance., something not quite real.

Good luck in tracing her and btw 32 is not old plus 10 years or so age difference is nothing.
16 Dec 2006 /  #18
What do you mean shes not real ect.

try telling the story on what you think. Was she made up all this time?

Listen, if i was in his shoes id get on that damn plane and find out for myself otherwsie your life will never be at ease until the day you do.

my advice; do some research and get on that plane and find out whats going on, you sound like a heart of gold. go sort this out you have nothing to lose ok.

He aint dead is he?
16 Dec 2006 /  #19
Rule 2. If you are still thinking about sending the money,
16 Dec 2006 /  #20
That sounds exactly like what happened to krzsupralover. The family surgery and the airline ticket. How sad. He really did believe it.
16 Dec 2006 /  #21
I was talking on the Internet to a person that wanted money to fly here and meet. I knew this was a scam and told them I could buy the ticket on the Internet and get it to them somehow. They told me No, I have to buy it here at our travel agency.

If it sounds like sh-t,smells like sh-t, believe your mind, It is sh-t.
ANIAH - | 60  
16 Dec 2006 /  #22
Well if he tracked down the English family why not just call them and talk to them?

Perhaps they are behind the scam (if it is a scam).
Eurola 4 | 1,907  
16 Dec 2006 /  #23
What a story. It sounds fishy. I don't have any experience in asking for money or being asked over the INTERNET, but I heard some stories.

On the other hand, almost a year of romancing on the computer for a measly $500 or $1000? How much can the ticket cost? For a real scammer it would be a waste of time. Unless, she had a few chatters on line. That would add up...
17 Dec 2006 /  #24
Unless, she had a few chatters on line.

The she could have been anyone ,even a man or teenage boy.
If they never talked on the phone it could be anyone. Even on the phone they can get some female to help them.
Let that person pay for their own flight somehow and work out an arrangement when they get here.
Or, fly to them,since it would be the same cost and you would get a vacation, especially if no one meets you at the other airport.
opts 10 | 260  
17 Dec 2006 /  #25
So, now I sit here wondering what in the world I can do to find out exactly what has happened

Probably, it is a scam.
If the woman wanted to contact you, if she wanted you to know what happened - she has your address, email, etc.
It is impossible for her parents to prevent her from contacting you.
Accept this as an inexpensive lesson.
17 Dec 2006 /  #26
I'd still fly over there and find out, and if a scam, bash some heads then tavel back. lesson learned but revenge in the sequence.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
17 Dec 2006 /  #27
I would just leave it, whats the point like opts said if she really wanted to know, she would have got in touch and what the hell would bashing some heads do, land him in prison in Poland....

Also its a bit easier for us in the UK to "just fly over" bit different from the US
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
17 Dec 2006 /  #28
revenge in the sequence.

manser... seems to be a vengeful streak running thru you... :)
17 Dec 2006 /  #29
I meant the ppl in surposedly England, even that was probably a scam................Satisfaction, bashing heads wise and get the money back.

id never send large amounts of money over the net...........if i met the person and knew him/her then yeh fine, as long as i kne wi could trust them 100 percent.

bubba why not? lol, only live once

police dont deliver justice these days with pathetic sentences in the UK for one. thats why. just dont get caught.
18 Dec 2006 /  #30
Its pretty brutal to fall in love over the internet with some one you have never met.

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