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Anyone from near Gniezno? Or the Small villages and towns nearby?

Softsong 5 | 492  
29 Aug 2008 /  #1
On my 2000 vacation in Poland I visited Gniezno and enjoyed seeing the first Polish capital. Since my Mom's Mom's family came over to the USA a generation earlier than my other grandparents, I did not know that they came from nearby Gniezno when I was there back in 2000. All I knew was that they were from "German-Poland."

I finally located their marriage certificates through the Poznan marriage project and then sent to the church for the details. So, I now know where everyone lived. I was thinking it would be fun on my trip to Poland this October to see if anyone with the same family names are still nearby.

My mother's great-grandparents...

Martinus Lewandowski and Catharina Chmielewska from Jankowa

and her other great-grandparents...

Josephus Bubacz from Dalki and Josepha Nowak from Obora

My Mom's grandparents, were married in the Franciscan Church in Gniezno.
Joseph Lewandowski from Szczytniki and Elizabeth Bubacz from Obora.

A few months later they crossed the ocean to begin new lives in America. My babcia was born in New Jersey. My other grandparents were all born in "Russian-Poland" and I am very familiar with that area. Not so familiar with Poznan and Gniezno.

Was Obora part of an estate at one time? I hear it means cowbarn. :-)
Viktorea 2 | 7  
29 Aug 2008 /  #2
This is off the track, but there is a township in Minnesota,USA that is called Gneson, named after the large number of people from Gneizno who immigrated there.
OP Softsong 5 | 492  
29 Aug 2008 /  #3
That's interesting, Viktorea. Thanks. You never know, maybe I have some distant relatives there, then.

I don't know of any siblings of my great-grandparents who also came to NJ. I am sure they must have had brothers and sisters who stayed in the Gniezno area or emigrated elsewhere. I plan to get the LDS microfilms for their parishes and find out more about their siblings and descendents.

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