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Polish girls are polish girls

14 Feb 2007 /  #1
i dont like the way all these men seem to think polish girls are special they are just girls like any other girl from any other country, i am not polish but i meet a polish girl just by chance and we love each other i had never even thought before about polish girls, she just happened to be polish. does this stereotype annoy you polish girls?

o and the boys what do you think is so different about the polish girls because in my opinion i dont see any difference between polish girls and the other girls i meet.
14 Feb 2007 /  #2
If your Polish girlfriend is just like any other girl, why didn't you get into a relationship with a girl from your own country?
14 Feb 2007 /  #3
no....polish girls are very their own way...however, who ever u fall in love with ...doesn't matter nationality ...the attraction is each to each other...just that some nationalities mix better with others
OP Paul  
15 Feb 2007 /  #4
i didnt mean she is something common or anything like that, she is a very special girl, but i meant i think the way people think of polish girls is a kind of sterio type, but i suppose every polish girl i have meet was very niece and pretty, but im sure there is some not so niece polish girls out there
daffy 23 | 1,508  
15 Feb 2007 /  #5
well i found my gf very special! ive been with few nationalities and she is the best! (i know its an individual thing - but i see many of her traits in her friends to a degree too)

Its a generalisation Paul yes -but why do men like brazillians or italians? there is a reason stereotypes exist.
15 Feb 2007 /  #6
does this stereotype annoy you polish girls?

they do, but that's the natural reaction to stereotypes.
If one were to follow the logic that Polish girls are the best, none of other nationalities would date people who claim that, and none would marry, which is not the case.

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