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Polish boyfriend hasn't been writing to me...

kitten 8 | 65  
25 Dec 2006 /  #1
polish never-met boy hasn't been writing to me since this morning ... is he giving up ? i fear it 's like that... time ago he wrote me every moment...

....:( we r gonna meet in the summer , only then....damn damn damn:'(

i miss him and fear he doesn't miss me:'(
Griff76 2 | 22  
25 Dec 2006 /  #2
hey kitten don't give up hope..........i once met an italian girl on the internet,we fell in love.she flew to Manchester and i was waiting with a rose:-)all we had to keep in touch was texting,emails and phone calls,i once had an £800 phone bill(ahh the price of love).........i understand that your worried that he hasn't got in touch,im sure he's missing you like mad.

How did he like the picture you sent?
Ciao Ciao.Simon.
OP kitten 8 | 65  
25 Dec 2006 /  #3
which picture do u mean?

anyway griff... how did it end between u and the italian girl?:( and how old r u?

i m just 16... so i can't fly to him right now. i can just wait... our '' meeting'' meant hope for both of us..hope for future.. he told me things no one told me before . he first thought bout himself , now he says he thinks about a different future lifestyle that must be good cause it ll be the same i ll have , not an only decent one he could accept as enough on his own... damn... i love him :(
Griff76 2 | 22  
25 Dec 2006 /  #4
The drawing you sent him(i just read on another post the he hasn't had it yet)
Believe me 'Love' is the most difficult emotion in the world,im 30 now and i still make mistakes,i follow my heart to much and always end up hurt.

It ended between me and the italian girl(Barby)because i hate flying and i didn't go to Italy..........i hate this fear and it has caused me to lose someone who was special to me....that was 2 years ago now,actually i spoke with her today,i do think to myself...'what if i just flew to her then,how would my life be know?'.

Now i've met a polish girl and i made the same mistake.........:)
Although you are young it doesn't mean what you feel isn't real,for me when a woman is in love with me its just the best feeling in the world,try and be ok,i know its hard.......i go crazy in my mind when i don't get a text from Magda,texting is all we have.

You always have the people on here to try and help you.
OP kitten 8 | 65  
25 Dec 2006 /  #5
drawing..? he didn't see it yet..:( damn..i ll show u if u want by email..

about flying problem--- we don't have. we r ready to only forbids

now i m going to sleep..parents bother me.. bye bye . see u tomorrow
Griff76 2 | 22  
25 Dec 2006 /  #6
yeah if you have time send the drawing..........
Its good that you don't have the flying problem......
Sleep well.Try not to worry.
Buona Notte.
OP kitten 8 | 65  
25 Dec 2006 /  #7
:) buona notte simon
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,146  
25 Dec 2006 /  #8
These kids... :)
OP kitten 8 | 65  
26 Dec 2006 /  #9
guys... damn ..look at what my ex boyfriend wrote to my polish boy

''Mother****in' polish, you made her cry all evening long, you suck...this is another reason to hit your ass up...
i can't stand my ex girlfriend crying for someone, neither for me...go kill yourself, your life is worthless, you can make a girl cry even if youre 1500 km far away and you have also the face to tell her "i love you"

**** off''
26 Dec 2006 /  #10
kitten - hang on a minute... why is your ex getting involved and how did he get the polish boys contact details...?
Griff76 2 | 22  
26 Dec 2006 /  #11
Kitten that isn't good...........What did your Polish boy say?I hope everythings ok.
OP kitten 8 | 65  
26 Dec 2006 /  #12
he had that because they pratically fought for me ... my polish boy got very angry to my ex when he was always calling me,comin to me..and as a good pole he asked me to give him my ex's address and so i did..they spoke via msn messenger and ...what a mess!!:P my ex was almost leaving for warsaw after my polish boy invited him to go and face him . they exchanged real home address ...damn!
Ranj 21 | 947  
26 Dec 2006 /  #13
kitten - hang on a minute... why is your ex getting involved and how did he get the polish boys contact details...?

That would be my question? Him being involved is certainly not going to help the situation---in fact, it may hinder it. Did you have have your ex e-mail him or did he do it on his own?
OP kitten 8 | 65  
26 Dec 2006 /  #14
about my polish boy 's answer to my ex's email... i don't know what he wrote to him back ..but to me he wrote this when i was offline '' i can't write well now.. i m sorry. everything hurts,but heart the most''

i m sorry for all . i feel terribly . he seems not to care about me damn. i love all in him and i feel i m loosing it . can u realise how lost i feel?

tonight drug party and it will probably end
i m sorry
i m hurt
Ranj 21 | 947  
26 Dec 2006 /  #15
can u realise how lost i feel?

Actually I can understand your pain---most everyone goes through it.

tonight drug party and it will probably end
i m sorry
i m hurt

Not sure what you mean by that, but I hope it's not a threat of hurting yourself. Believe me, nobody on this earth is worth the pain of feeling like you don't want to go on with life. Life is too precious and you have a lot of it in front of you. Please don't think I'm being condescending, but you are sooo young and you really do have so much in front of you (even where boys are concerned.) I know you feel this boy is the love of your life, but I promise you, if it doesn't work out for you two to be together, then you have to believe it's because something better is coming for you.

Hang in there, Kitten!
OP kitten 8 | 65  
26 Dec 2006 /  #16
:( i promised him i won't go to party.
yes,i feel he 's the love of my life. i never felt like this for a boy. everytime i feel i m loosing him i go down because i feel i can't have best love . there s no deeper love in my future for me i think. i m in Love. and he is . i think about him every moment .he's god to me

he ll be my heaven if i ll have him, hell if u won't.

damn.thank u for makin me reason again. while i m sad in my very limited town i go down. i have only a few distractions here. .i m not happy here, not happy without him .

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