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Websites for Polish hospitals/hospices

PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099  
1 Feb 2008 /  #1
Hey folks,

This might be a long shot. I'm looking for websites written in English, or with a link to switch to English, of hospitals or hospices anywhere in Poland.

PD :)
Tlum 11 | 166  
1 Feb 2008 /  #2
These may be helpful:
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099  
1 Feb 2008 /  #3
Thanks Tlum, helpful indeed :)
LondonChick 31 | 1,133  
3 Feb 2008 /  #4 - I think that this is aimed at expats and medical tourism
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099  
15 Feb 2008 /  #5
LondonChick, I just saw your reply - thanks for the webby, I'll have a look at it :)
Polonius3 994 | 12,380  
9 Sep 2009 /  #6

Don't ask for links becuase I got his info from private e-mails. Many people in Poland seem to think their hospitals are badly infected with viral hepatitis, HIV, sepsa and other horrid stuff. They come to be mended or treated for one malady and leave with what can be a life-threatening infection. Have you heard ot his? How widepsread it is? Does it affect only some towns or regions? I have heard things are pretty bad in GdaƄsk and Warsaw. Private hospitals are much better but are quite pricey.
9 Sep 2009 /  #7
My girlfriend was in hospital earlier this year for five days. None of the toilets on the floor she was on had any soap in them and all of the sinks had the kind of taps which you have to hold (quite firmly) with your fingers to turn them. None had paper towels or hot air driers.

Very hygienic.

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