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Solidarnosc Tattoo - is it a good choice? I have Polish ancestry. Symbols, ideas, heritage.

22 Dec 2006 /  #1
My grandparents are from Poland. I want to get a Polish tattoo. Is "Solidarnosc" a good choice?
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
22 Dec 2006 /  #2
depends what it means to you BMETYK
22 Dec 2006 /  #3
It would show my strong feelings for Poland.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
22 Dec 2006 /  #4
seems like a good choice then
22 Dec 2006 /  #5
great! dzien ku ya.
23 Dec 2006 /  #6
maybe you might want to learn how to spell some basic Polish words before committing to a tattoo of something that you do not have any understanding with or connection to.
rafik 18 | 589  
23 Dec 2006 /  #7
don't show off is not the point in this thread.
don't you feel proud that someone who is probably a third generation Pole abroad and doesn't speak Polish is still proud of being Polish?I do.
23 Dec 2006 /  #8
Hej Rafik... how am i showing off?

I'm 3rd gen myself, do not know my polish roots at all, live in PL for the last 3 months, am learning the language.

I'm merely stating that he wants to get a tattoo that he probably doesnt understand the history behind. He is asking if it is a good choice. now to me that is like asking if a McD's burger is better choice than a Wendys. But he states that it would show his strong feelings for PL. How about doing a tattoo of the flag? Sure Solidarnosc is worthy, but how does it relate to his strong feelings for PL?

All of my tattoos are drawn by myself and have a story behind them. Ppl usually get a tattoo with meaning for them. Not just because it would be fashionable.

And as for his spelling of dziekuje being 3rd gen pl, should know how to spell that word. Its one of the basic 10 you need here.

if he intended to spell it as he did perhaps a (sic) would have been appropriate.
rafik 18 | 589  
23 Dec 2006 /  #9
Hej Rafik... how am i showing off?

ok my apologies. i thought you are one of the poles who think that speaking polish is the only thing that may show your strong feelings towards Poland. i also had a few arguments with some people here who said that because my grammar errors i should not be saying anything in english so that i am a bit over sensitive.i do appreciate you are learning polish.however it could be not his fault that he doesn't speak don't know the story. i just welcome everyone who wants to come back to their roots.that's all.

his choice of solidarnosc sign is very good and i think that you are right N that before doing a tattoo,which will last forever on his body he should know the story it says.
23 Dec 2006 /  #10
Dziekuje Rafic. My efforts are all in good faith. My Ojciec cant spell anything in Polish. But he can speak it fluently. Hes been to Poland several times. Im jealous of his closer connection to my roots.

I teach my kids what little Polish I know. They call me Tata.
I have done research on solidarnosc. But my understanding was that this is was more political then a general statement. I have researched Lech Welesa for a college paper. This is part of my research, still. This is why I am asking this group if this word is a positive word. I come to you all, for that better understanding.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
23 Dec 2006 /  #11
Ask yourself this. Does anyone else have such a tattoo and if not, why not. To most foreign people it is the name of a trade union or a political movement. Ask those around you what they think it means and then make your choice.
23 Dec 2006 /  #12
The translation is solidarity. To me this means a unity. In Polish this would be a unity with Poland, and all it represents. My mother was taught not to speak Polish.

Me, I am Polish and proud of it.
rafik 18 | 589  
23 Dec 2006 /  #13
I come to you all, for that better understanding.

welcome to the forums BMETYK.
24 Dec 2006 /  #14
The translation is solidarity

yeah... i was just reading the thread again and thinking what solidarnosc actually means... a powerful and symbolic word on its own... without taking into account the particular significance in Poland... are you just going to get the word done or the logo...?
Crazy Horse - | 13  
24 Dec 2006 /  #15
"BMETYK" why not a Polish Eagle Tattoo. Since you have no affoiliation with the Solidarity movement would not the Polish Eagle be a better choice. You might also think about an American Bald Eagle for the other arm. Just remember, tattoos are forever. Think long and hard before committing to one.
25 Dec 2006 /  #16
I was actually thinking about both. The Polish Eagle with a chest plaque showing the "solidarnosc" logo. I've been playing with the two images. It looks pretty nice.

I do have a connection to Poland. I may be generations removed, but it is still my blood. Solidarity, in Polish, says Polish and proud to me.

A 2nd American Eagle tattoo? Maybe... My Dziadzia fought in WWII.
deck133 - | 1  
18 Jun 2008 /  #17
[Moved from]: Polish symbols, ideas for heritage tattoo.

i have a deep polish heritage and am looking for a polish symbol or something with good symbolism to represent my heritage. i've been looking at the eagle and also the poland fights symbol but i'm looking for some more ideas. any help?
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
19 Jun 2008 /  #18
Do a search for Tattoo and you'll find some ideas
Spiral - | 1  
18 Nov 2008 /  #19
I was born in Poland and migrated to Australia when I was 6yrs old. I have only recently begun to feel proud of my roots. I would also like a Polish pride tattoo, but I find that there really aren't that many pretty options. The polish eagle becomes a blur due to its detail. I like BMETYK's idea of Solidarity. I also like the nauczyciel's suggestion of using the flag. My dilema is that I also feel Aussie pride. The everyday tat here is the southern cross, it is a star constellation ( Crux, in your astronomy books ). My challenge is to combine Poland with Australia without creating a monstrosity.
13 May 2009 /  #20
i am Polish just read this and am curious if if have already done this tattoo and what? i want to do Polish ensign on my body, beautiful eagle!
fyip4 1 | 3  
3 Aug 2009 /  #21
Aug 3, 09, 20:35 - Thread attached on merging:
Important Polish Symbols?

Besides the eagle and flag.
gumishu 11 | 5,761  
3 Aug 2009 /  #23
Parasol sign (symbol for Polska Walcząca) is a good one if you want to avoid the eagle or the red-white banner - if you go for the eagle I would recommend the eagle of the time of November Uprising (1831) - much more expressive than the present one (wings raised, sitting on the Amazon shield) -
z_darius 14 | 3,968  
3 Aug 2009 /  #25
Parasol sign (symbol for Polska Walcząca)

isn't an anchor a symbol of Polska Walczaca?
gumishu 11 | 5,761  
4 Aug 2009 /  #26
well I call it Parasol ;) yeah perhaps I am wrong -
ona 2 | 17  
5 Aug 2009 /  #27
Eagle sounds good to me.
Personally I'd get a plate of pierogi :) My favorite...
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
5 Aug 2009 /  #28
Eagle sounds good to me.

Lots of countries have an eagle. I don't know of any other country with winged horsemen.
ona 2 | 17  
5 Aug 2009 /  #29
lol! Well that would definitely be different.
An orange maluch would be perfect man. I'd love one! Just like the one my mom used to drive.
5 Aug 2009 /  #30
how about the " The Little Insurgent Monument "

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