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Solidarnosc (Two Decembers)

BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
3 Mar 2007 /  #1
Back in the mid 9Os I lived opposite the monument of the shipyard workers killed on Solidarity Sqaure...

At the base of the monument there is an inscription with the words of Jan Pawel II ... "May the Holy Ghost descend from Heaven and change this land"... In so many ways the Pope's prayers have been answered but some of 3miasto friends see a shadow being cast over their land as people come to terms with Poland's new moral philosophy... where the pursuit of money and career overwhelms the sense of social justice...

Two Decembers

Do you remember the healmets
Grey quilted jackets, faces made of steel
Broken hearts, souls bespattered with spit
And scoundrels who fired at us
Do you remember the wings of hope
That brought us into the time of awakening
And human hands that held a stone
Aimed at the prison guards

Do you remember the smoke
and the tumult
Or the people throwing themselves with
fury and terror
Lake a wave flowing into the song
of the generations
That live though cannot live

Do you remember the moments of despair
Bodies falling down like hewn trees
Metal that filled the air with coldness
And the mouth of sand, not bread
Do you remember the wretched lies
Vile pathos, paper faces
And their babble disguised as repentance
Which is mistaken but wants you to trust
So here we come again

The bones of the innocent shine afar
Meanness has no face but a mask
And feeds the people with false hope
And thought history goes forward
Turning conceit and violence into ashes
Our clock's hand has stopped on the face
A tank's armour hides its impotance

December 16 1981

Antoni Kozlowski
3 Mar 2007 /  #2
Very nice (younger Polish generation don't remember).
anielka 2 | 84  
8 Mar 2007 /  #3
Yes, the words catch one in the throat.And yes there is another side to the coin to be considered: husband conscripted and served during Martial Law, so thanks to the Army,General Jaruzelski, the Polish Govt. and Martial Law- with Russian tanks standing on the Polish border ready to roll- thus avoiding another Communist bloodbath, remember Hungary?

Younger Poles do remember: their father obtaining names to start a Union amongst Firefighters, then taken in the middle of the night, their mother searching the jails, families never knowing if/when Tata is coming back, where he is, is he alive, hurt, they just don't talk about it.
james - | 8  
28 Mar 2007 /  #4
love and hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
my people must have felt that way when they were awakened from there beds....
stil no jails in that time..only the gods they were about to meet
hello 22 | 891  
12 Mar 2008 /  #5
Very interesting video on Solidarność (Solidarity TV "patent" - text that appeared on TV during broadcast):

Papiez 1 | 23  
11 Oct 2009 /  #6
Oct 12, 09, 19:07 - Thread attached on merging:

Is anyone in here knows a vivid and detailed history of solidalnosc i mean the role played by Walesa and co,the catholic church with the help of the West to eliminate the communist Poland?
Papiez 1 | 23  
11 Oct 2009 /  #8

i appreciate and im going there now...
osiol 55 | 3,922  
11 Oct 2009 /  #9
vivid and detailed

I have a vivid and detailed knowledge of the spelling: Solidarność. Does that help?
Papiez 1 | 23  
11 Oct 2009 /  #10
hahaha.. dobrze mowię po polsku!!i know some polish and i know how to spell the word but most time im using it i dont bother myself to put those ą ę ż ść itd

Dziękuje though!
HWPiel 1 | 64  
19 Oct 2009 /  #11

Try reading The Polish Revolution: Solidarity by Timothy Garton Ash, published by Yale Publishing in 1983; it is a very good book, and he was there during the whole events of 1980 - 1982 and he provides a nice history as well unfolding of events.

Also try, From Solidarity to Martial Law: The Polish Crisis of 1980 - 1981 aa documentary history edited by Andrezej Pacskowski and Malcolm Byrne, published by CEU Press in 2007; also a very good analytical text.

Good luck,


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