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Does Polsat only transmit on Hotbird 13 degrees East?

tonykenny 18 | 131  
19 Feb 2009 /  #1
i have my polsat decoder and need to buy a dish, but before i do I need to make sure I can see the satellite. Does Polsat only transmit on Hotbird 13 degrees East or can i get it or any other polish TV on another satellite.

I ask because I'm on one side of our block of flats and the satellite is on the other, I have no line of sight.

At this time I'm reluctant to enter into a 12 month contract with a cable provider.

thanks for any help

g60edition 6 | 175  
19 Feb 2009 /  #2
Here you go check this out []. I think you will find Polsat uses only Hotbird 13.You may try asking here [] or [] on both forums they are very helpfull.I get the best of all worlds as I run a motorised satellite system which gives more flexibility and more tv from around the globe in fact more than I could ever need
MartinL - | 1  
5 Mar 2009 /  #3
You will find a number of Polish stations on Astra 1 too but if you have no "line of sight" then the satellites are a waste of time, they are only a few degrees apart. Lyngsat will give you frequencies but I think you are going to need cable.
OP tonykenny 18 | 131  
5 Mar 2009 /  #4
but I think you are going to need cable.

I agree, I have no line of sight on the European sattellites... unless i can get a bracket that stands the dish about a meter away from the building then I might just clear the end of the building. But possibly not.
ragtime27 1 | 146  
5 Mar 2009 /  #5
If you're unable to postion your dish for hotbird then unlikly to get the other ones,as they're all lined up in one orbit.

either change the side or rise a long bar to reach the other side.

you would find polsat in other satellite,but it's all down to your position,not all satelitte broadcast for Europe

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