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How to take the driving test in Poland?

chrisgunner 1 | 7  
8 Jun 2009 /  #1
Hi guys, I am a British Citizen who has 9 points on his driving licence (UK licence).

They will take ages to come off and I cannot afford to drive on it.

Is there any way I can take a brand new theory and practical test in Poland, I am going to Poland in August and am willing to pay the necessary rates.

Maybe I coul do some sort of course or whatever, I don't mind.

My girlfriend is Polish and can help me with the language side of things.

I want to do this legitimately so no dodgy licences or illegalities. I just want to take a Polish test the legitimate way and get my Polish EU licence.

I would be driving to Poland on a regular basis anyway so it would be useful.

dnz 17 | 710  
8 Jun 2009 /  #2
Can't you just exchange your uk licence for a polish one? then you have 20 points to spend as you wish. With a polish licence your insurance in the uk will be expensive though..
OP chrisgunner 1 | 7  
8 Jun 2009 /  #3
Hi there and thanks for your reply,

It would be cheraper to have a brand new Polish licence in my case it would be cheaper and easier to start with a fresh licence.

I know quite a few Polish people and my gf is polish and obviously they can help me, but would I need to book it in advance and would I be able to do an theory test translated into English or would I need a translator?

Could I just go there on vacation and take the theory and test and what would I need to prepare?

Many thanks for your help
dnz 17 | 710  
8 Jun 2009 /  #4
I think there is a school in poznan which you can do the whole thing in English, I'll try and find out this evening.
OP chrisgunner 1 | 7  
8 Jun 2009 /  #5
Thank you VERY much!!!!! I would be willing to travel there when I visit as I will be going there on my UK licence. if you can find out I will owe you around 10 million Zubr's!!!!

Obviously not combining thje Zubr's with the driving!!!!

One of my Polish mates states that diesel is cheaper in Poland?

As I need to decide what fuel is cheaper do do the 200 ish mile round trip ;-)

Sorry 2000+ mile trip thank you again
dnz 17 | 710  
8 Jun 2009 /  #6
Diesel is cheaper in all european countries, currently in Poland it is 3.60 pln which is about 70p a litre, Petrol is 4.30 pln which is around 80 - 85p a litre, Get something with a huge fuel tank as fuel in the euro zone especially germany works out at nearly £1.50 a litre, I usualy fill up at Dover with 110 litres and just about make the Polish border.

Here is one of the schools which speaks english but i will ask my friend about the other,
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
8 Jun 2009 /  #7
Diesel is cheaper in all european countries

Apart from rip off Britain where diesel is usually about 2 pence a litre more than unleaded petrol
dnz 17 | 710  
8 Jun 2009 /  #8
Thats why i used to use vegetable oil, kerosene, and red in my old £100 shed. I got stopped and dipped and they seized the car but after clocking up tens of thousands of miles in it i wasn't overly bothered, £200 fine and the loss of a worthless car for years of cheap driving.
OP chrisgunner 1 | 7  
8 Jun 2009 /  #9
You must be joking!!!!

I didnt think that anywhere would be more expensive than the UK!!!!

I will definately get a cheap long range cruiser, probably a Citroen Xantia 1.9 TD with a MASSIVE tank but the hydraulics can give problems sometimes, but I am only having the car for a short time so does not really matter ;-)

Was considering a Citroen AX 1.5 Naturally Aspirated 1.5 as you get a billion miles to the gallon but it probably has a tiny tank and very uncomfortable for a long trip!!

You guys have been very helpful I owe you all millions of beers!! ;-)

dnz 17 | 710  
8 Jun 2009 /  #10
I wouldn't trust an old citroen to that sort of trip, I would look at an old VAG diesel, ie passat etc or find a cheap bmw with the 2.5 6 cylinder M50 engine, Not the cheapest to run but really reliable and you could sell it for a profit in Poland and fly home, I sold a 1991 bmw 325i here last year for well over a grand after paying £300 for it in the UK with a few months T&T left.
OP chrisgunner 1 | 7  
8 Jun 2009 /  #11
Yes maybe an old VAG would be fine or a good old straigh six Beemer!!!!!!

I cant believe how helpful you and others have been on here, definately selling it could be a good idea but I would have no idea how to and I would have to get my friend who is getting marries or my girlfriend to actually f do it!!!!!!!

dnz 17 | 710  
8 Jun 2009 /  #12
I can put you in contact with some people who would buy an old 6 cyl zimmer, I know some of the drifters here who love the 2.5's as they are quite rare in Poland.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455  
9 Jun 2009 /  #13
Chrisgunner - alas, the route to driving in Poland is much more complicated than in the UK.

First of all, you have to complete several mandatory phases of training -

1) Visit a doctor and be medically cleared to drive, including obtaining any paperwork needed from specialists. For instance, if you need glasses - then you must obtain clearance from an optician. This is valid for x amount of years - which depends on what the specialist thinks of your condition.

2) Complete 30 hours of mandatory theory training.

3) Take part in a first aid course lasting for a few hours over one day.

4) Complete 30 hours of mandatory driving practice.

5) Obtain a PESEL number in order to sign up for the driving test. This is only obtainable after acquiring permanent residence in Poland - which involves getting the 3 months temporary local registration, then putting together the paperwork needed for the certificate to allow you to stay in Poland for 5 years.

6) Complete the theory and practical tests. The theory test is available in English in many places, including Poznan. The practical test requires a sworn translator at your cost (currently, about 150PLN an hour).

There's absolutely no other way to do it - you need the PESEL number to obtain the licence and it's absolutely non-negotiable. Even if you could bribe a driving school to give you the relavant papers showing that you completed the training, you still need the PESEL number to obtain the licence.

The other thing to consider is that your UK driving record will still have 9 points on it. That won't change - the Polish licence itself may be clean, but the all important record at the DVLA will say "that chap has 9 points".
OP chrisgunner 1 | 7  
9 Jun 2009 /  #14
wow in terms of the process it is technically possible, but I would need a long time and probably money put into it. The nine points run for some time and cripple my insurance (my last vehicle was a 1 mitre Nissan micra!).

In terms of the 2.5 bimmer I think it will cost me the deposift on a small house to insure it, especially across europe but I will check it out.

I will consider if it is plausible to bite the bullet and put up with my UK points or go through this long process...

So do I need to live in Poland for 3 months to get this PESEL because I am an EU citizen with a British passport?

Food for thought and oh while I am here could my girlfriend not be the translator in the test?

The fact that in the UK my points will still exist seems a bit counterproductive and maybe all of this effort will be in vain?

Many thannks you have all been extremely helpful

9 Jun 2009 /  #15
could my girlfriend not be the translator in the test?

Probably not. After a few bad experiences with interpreters answering questions for people, you now need to bring a sworn interpreter.

The fact that in the UK my points will still exist seems a bit counterproductive and maybe all of this effort will be in vain?

Yes it will. Your best bet is to speak to a specialist insurance company who deal with people with points. There are a few tricks you can use to get insurance down: for example, I changed my occupation from 'student' to 'trainee teacher' (entirely possible given the course I was doing) and my premium went down by nearly 50%!
terri 1 | 1,665  
9 Jun 2009 /  #16
you can also increase your 'excess' to the maximum amount - this drives the costs down.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455  
9 Jun 2009 /  #17
So do I need to live in Poland for 3 months to get this PESEL because I am an EU citizen with a British passport?

Technically speaking, yes. The reality is that you'll probably need to be resident in Poland for quite a bit longer, because the issuing of the 5 year permit takes time, and includes a check by the police. You also have to have other things, such as proof of your employment in Poland.

Food for thought and oh while I am here could my girlfriend not be the translator in the test?

Nope, the sworn translator is a requirement, possibly due to the technical language required. It's annoying, I know - especially when it costs more than the test!
dnz 17 | 710  
10 Jun 2009 /  #18
If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I have a friend who is 20 and drives a mercedes 190 cosworth and he pays around £600 a year for insurance, He does live in a very low risk area though, If you have any relatives parents who live in the sticks it might be worth insuring the car at their address? My car is registered at my parents address and my insurace is less than £400 a year comprehensive with a yearly green card on a group 19 car.
OP chrisgunner 1 | 7  
10 Jun 2009 /  #19
I am 27!!

But there are further problems I have zero no claims bonueses and also these nine points.

But I will see if that is possible with the alternative insurance maybe I can get some joy out of that!!

I live on the suburbs of London Uxbridge so shouldnt be too bad!!! Well that is my parents addresss and I more or less stay there at the moment!!!

Thanks guys again
18 Oct 2009 /  #20
Procedure for obtaining polish driving license.

(1) Get your your home country national driving license translated to polish.its will cost you between 30-40 zloty its depends on the city where u live.its must be stamp by a sworn translator.

(2) Go to hospital to get a medical certificate from a doctor,i think private hospital is the best place to go.Just talk to of the ladies on the counter that you need for ''WORD" this is the short form (Wojewódzkie Ośrodki Ruchu Drogowego ).They already know what kind of medical examination you need,you should get this document the same day.its will cost you between 60-75 zloty.

(3)Then Go to this office i mention early called "WORD" (Wojewódzkie Ośrodki Ruchu Drogowego ) with someone who can speak polish in other to help you fill the form the application form for the exam,the theory exam will cost you 22 zloty.You need you to ask them from this office if you can take the exam in english,bcos not all of them have the question in English version.if there answer is yes then you should look the English material lesson yourself.They will give you the date for your exam,its usually about 2-3 weeks.This exam is only theory exam.

documents you need to summit at "WORD"

1)Your polish resident card
2)One photo passport
3)Your home country national driving license translated to polish with the original.They want to see the original and return its back to you immediately.

4)Your medical test
5)receipt payment of 22 zloty to bank.

This are the things you need as a foreigner to obtain your polish driving license.You don't need to go to driving school for practical test if you have your country national driving license with you.

Note: its very difficult to get the English version of this driving lesson,even in big cities because the demand is very low.There is paper form you can read,but i prefer the cd material.

If you need the English cd learning material for polish driving test, email me (omodansite@yahoo),i will send it to you to download it through internet ,but it will cost you some money. i have made file in .ISO format.So when u finish download, u just need to open it with your NERO or any other burning software to burn ISO files to cd,very easy or Your can mount with POWERISO,if you are very good in computer its become virtual drive like you have on cd drive.

So total cost for Polish driving license should not be more than 200 zloty,that is around 50 euro,which is not possible in any other European Union country.Its means you can have your European driving license with 50 euro.You need to act fast because the law can change anytime from now,and this procedure might not be possible in next few months 2 come,then more stricter.

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