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Polish driving test - content?

MichaelPoznan 1 | 1  
1 Nov 2008 /  #1
No, not another thread about buying a driving licence...

Does anyone know about the content of the Polish driving test? I'm thinking about passing the test here (yes, I'm resident, etc...) and would appreciate any information about the realities of it. In particular...

- Theory test. Can this be taken in English? I'm told yes, but...
- Practical test, specifically the apparent requirement for a sworn translator. Is this really required? And if much is this likely to cost?
- Any personal experiences?

Thank you for any answers :)
1 Nov 2008 /  #2
Do you have a driving license now? If so, from what country? Is it still valid?

If it's from a country Poland has a reciprocal agreement with, you can just exchange your license after paying the fee, submitting the photos, etc. If not...

If the old license is still valid, you'll have to take the practical test. This is a computerized test, drawing from a pool of about 480!!! questions. You can see some sample questions on this web page:

There are 18 questions on the test, and you can only miss 2.

As for taking it in English, there is an English version available. However, in typical fashion, it's not available at all test centers. Here in Bydgoszcz (400,000+ residents), they don't have it, but travel an hour west to the small town of Pila, and they do. Go figure....
2 Nov 2008 /  #3
Cheers for the reply.

Nope, I never bothered to pass in the UK - never had the need to, and so I've found myself here without a driving licence and a need to drive. Typical, really :)

Good to hear that it is available in English - I'd hope that Poznan does have it in English (come's a business city, it must do!).

This sworn translator business is officially nonsense though - why on earth is there a need? I understand the need for translation - but why not just anyone?
2 Nov 2008 /  #4
Well, if your buddy came with you, he could "advise" you on the answers, I suppose....

If you've never done a license, you'll have to take the driving course and pass the driving exam. That's a whole other kettle of fish!

Good luck, you'll need it! :)

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