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Internet Speeds in Poland

Drunkenshad 2 | 16  
3 Jul 2007 /  #1
Can some of you that live in Poland post what your internet speeds are? I'm moving in with a friend in Warsaw and he tells me his connection is 512k-1mb during the day and 1mb at night. This apparently qualifies as high speed, and i'm certainly hoping that it's just a really cheap provider.

Average "broadband" speeds in the US are about 3 mb/s, and the US is considered to be very outdated in terms of high speed internet providing.
slwkk 2 | 228  
3 Jul 2007 /  #2
avg internet connection speed is somewhere close to 1 Mbit/s and it costs approximately 20-30$ per month.
davidpeake 14 | 451  
4 Jul 2007 /  #4
i use the internet all day everyday here in Poland, and have had no issues with it, i can use skype phone, many internet pages all at once. I think i have a 3mb line though.
OP Drunkenshad 2 | 16  
4 Jul 2007 /  #5
I did some researching on the ISP's in the Warsaw area, and some of them offer up to 15 mb/s. This does get pricey though, but cost is no obstacle for me. I was surprised when I heard that my friend had a 1 mb/s line, since Europe is in general pretty far ahead of the US in terms of the communications field. Seems that he is just paying for the bare minimum that is offered.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
4 Jul 2007 /  #6
For central Warsaw most flavours of DSL are now available including the higher speeds like VDSL. Like you say it will cost you though.
slwkk 2 | 228  
4 Jul 2007 /  #7
I did some researching on the ISP's in the Warsaw area, and some of them offer up to 15 mb/s

Are you talking about neostrada ? Yes, in fact TPSA offers 15 Mbit/s, but you have to be near to their telephone exchange and your line parameters have to be good if you want to get what you paid for....
18 Jul 2007 /  #8
can you get high speed access at your home everywhere in warsaw?
chrissr 1 | 13  
5 Jul 2007 /  #9
Internet and TV in Warsaw - some questions

Hi, im a Norwegian who will probably move to Warsaw, Poland to study around october. I do not currently speak polish at all. I got a few questions that i was hoping you people could answer:

Firstly, Internet connection in warsaw: How much do i have to pay, and how fast of a connection can i get? It seems like 6mbit is the fastest orange and tele2 will offer, but i just cant figure out what the price actually is.
There are so many different figures under "ceny" so could anyone please tell me what id have to pay pr. month for a 6 mb connection. And is it possible to get anything faster than this? How much would that cost?

Secondly, TV: Ive been to Poland alot, and it seems to me most shows and movies are dubbed to polish. This would obviosly be a problem for me. Are there any providers who sends channels with english not-dubbed content? Like movies and stuff like that?

6 Jul 2007 /  #10
I dont use english so fluently so my words will be simple. I attand to 2nd class of high school.

At start internet connections in Poland arent symmetric I mean upload and dowload arent the same value. Polish internet distributors often offer packs of services - Tv + home-phone + Internet. It's a little cheaper.

Your case isnt much cheap. You're seeking for tv without dubbing and highspeed connection.

Only tv matching to your expections I heard is new digital N-television ( which offer vob film on call. I've read that there are problems with settings of subtitles (settings resets to fabric and dubbing turn on), but it is only tv with original sound. 449 zł for activation (divice with 160 GB space for time of contract)

Internet providers I know and recommand:
-wide common in Warsaw

UPC internet chello up to 12 mbps with ability to raise upload (for 20 zl) i dont know to what exactly speed
200 zl for activation

Aster up to 4 and 6 in night mbps
My internet provider (2 mbps DL/ 512 kbps UP), no great problems, twice in 4-year-usage was 1-day-break
269 zł for activation

I dont recommand Telemunikacja Polska
Sometimes it's difficult to connect internet

Tele2 - too new provider, there's complication because Tele2 use Telemunikacja Polska telecommunication lines what waves on Tele2 conditions that you have to contract with TP also (?)
it's bargain for example:
in 12-month-contract: 1st month you'll pay 55zł in 2nd and 3rd 55zł too, etc. like on this page
activation with modem 240 zł but in bargain 2,44zł

All prices arent in reduced price offer (with exception Tele2)

PS other key-words for searching services and prices:

cennik - table with offer
usługi - services
promocja - bargain
oferta - an offert
umowa na czas określony / nieokreślony - contract for a specified period of time / non-specified

wysyłanie/pobieranie(ściąganie) - up/down -load
pakiet - pack of services
miesiąc - month <-- nice dicitionary :-)

Ask if it isnt enough and if you dont care bad english
Decorator 4 | 291  
6 Jul 2007 /  #11
maciek_urban your English is very good, you should be very pleased..
chrissr 1 | 13  
6 Jul 2007 /  #12
Thanks for writing all that:)

I have a few more questions. This chello 12mb/s looks interesting to me, but i dont completly understand how much it cost.
In norway when i buy a connection i have to first pay a 1 time fee to get it installed. Then i have to pay a fee each month. Is this the same in Poland?

When you say activation do you mean this one time fee? Or is this each month? Would i have to pay 269zl each month for this 12mb/s connection?

mario_alexan - | 27  
6 Jul 2007 /  #13
Activation in this case means one time fee. You know - when staff comes to your flat and install everything you need to connect Internet. Cables, modem, etc.

I've got UPC's chello internet in my house and I'm pretty satisfied. And in my case I had to buy a full service option - means cable television, and then Internet.

And as you said - it's similar when you're buying a connection to Norway. You pay for activation, than you gotta pay every month another fee(it depends of option that you chose). Of course if I understood you correctly ;). If you find sth that interests you, you can show us the link, and that I'll try to translate what you exactly want to know.

I hope I helped you a bit.
chrissr 1 | 13  
6 Jul 2007 /  #14
Yeah thanks:)

What i want to know is how much i would have to pay each month if i buy only 12mb/s internett from chello and nothing else?:)
mario_alexan - | 27  
6 Jul 2007 /  #15
I've checked. For chello ultra(12Mb/s, and nothing else) you have to pay 269 PLN (contract for a specified period of time), and 299PLN (non-specified period of time).

Here you have it in a PDF:

You can check it in the part named "Chello ultra 12Mb/s" and than "Usługa internetowa". This schedule is current since April.

It should be helpful :)
chrissr 1 | 13  
8 Jul 2007 /  #16
Thank you very much:)
18 Jul 2007 /  #18
I was wondering if you have access to internet everywhere in Warsaw. Is there any area that is out of range or it is possible to get high speed or wireless internet everywhere in Warsaw/Poland?

Internet in Warsaw

Hey, I was wondering if highspeed or wireless internet in available in all of Warsaw and Wroclaw. Is there any area that those services arent available in the city?


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