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Freemasons in Poland

plk123 8 | 4,142  
27 Apr 2008 /  #31
I can also say that "the Ticket thing"

OP RockyMason 19 | 250  
27 Apr 2008 /  #32
If u want a club with big benefits join the Bohemian Club. It's almost impossible to get into though. My dad has been trying for YEARS. Even though he is a lobbyist they still don't think he is worthy. It is based out of SF and if any society is plotting a NWO it is the Bohemian Club. U need to b a man of power with $ and the ability to keep secrets if u want in on the Bohemian club.
ski 7 | 140  
3 Jul 2008 /  #33
PS: A lot of people responsible for the Polish May Third Constitution, which BTW was the first constitution in Europe and second in the world (yes, i just had to write this ;D ), were in fact freemasons. Amongst them, the last king of Poland, Stanisław Poniatowski.

exactly :) here is topic for Joepilsudski.

First modern constitutuion in europe (second after USA) :) Poland ... Polish free massons job :)

illuminati ;) new world order :)

Another interesting fact ;) maybe not directly about free masons but ... ;)

Most of Polish Brethren moved to the Netherlands, where they greatly influenced European opinion, becoming precursors to Enlightenment. Through their connection to Enlightenment thinkers, their ideas also influenced the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Prince 15 | 590  
15 Nov 2008 /  #34
Here you have some useful links :
jonni 16 | 2,482  
17 Nov 2008 /  #35
Those are all good links.

There's a new Polish language site though, at

Well worth looking at.
20 Nov 2008 /  #36
Hi again, I see you are helping a lot of people...... with lots of informations.......
You are a nice guy! Not like on this picture.
kielbasa - | 7  
21 Nov 2008 /  #37
They are fantastic especially their shakedown album.
arturmik - | 1  
23 Nov 2008 /  #38
A lot to do with self-development.

Really? damn then. Guess I wont be applying anytime soon lol
HWPiel 1 | 64  
27 Nov 2008 /  #39
WTF He should b castrated!

Hiram-ski, calm down! Is is a fraternal organization, and that is it! People say jekly things all the time, plus, hey he is Catholic, and the Catholic church for decades has dismissed freemasonry.

Really, freemasonry has nothing to do with religion nor is it a cult; it is a society with secrets... if you read Duncan's Ritual and you will learn all of the ritual to the Past Master degrees, 4th, 5th and 6th. You can google the ritual as well.

I was raised in Saint Paul's - Algonquin (4th South Boston Masonic District) in '92, and was in line for three years, Senior Deacon. Never had any interest in sitting in the east, but I did enjoy traveling around to other lodges in Massachusetts.

It is kind of hokey, really. The ritual is the same thing over and over... nothing new or exciting. A ritual with secrets, and regalia and garb; some guys take it too seriously, others who are older enjoy it more and see it as an opportunity to help the community and maintain a social network.

No different than the Lions, Jaycees, of Knights of Columbus, to join all you have to do is believe in a god and give the Freemasons some money. Oh yeah, like any other order, church, club, Freemasonry is about money; you can buy your way into any order 16th degree and higher like Knights Templar, York and Scottish Rites as well as The Shriners.

The old rule of "to be one, ask one" was thrown out the window because membership was dwindling due to natural attrition. Now, the local AF & AM's hold open houses to recruit men in... which I disagree with, but then again they'd implode as an organization if they did not loosen up.

Is there any help for the widow's son? Naf, kind of goofy. Conspiracy folks want to believe we rule the world... not true... but let those fruitcakes think what they want.

hyperamazing 2 | 16  
27 Nov 2008 /  #40
how do polish ppl feel about Freemasons? and Y

if u want to know about freemasonery in UK or Globally..i can help..But I think we shouldnt talk about such sensitive topics on open forums..:) what do u say?

dagmara23 - | 2  
10 Dec 2009 /  #41
hey tell me sth more about the freemasons,the ones that are higher in the hierarchy,like Prince Charles and Barak Obama,what exactly THEY are doing,and why they dont mention being freemasons in oublic?

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