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Disability Law and Payments in Poland - Questions

scorpio 20 | 188  
11 Nov 2008 /  #1

I've been living in Poland in a farming village for over 6 years now and have come to respect how hard Poles work. What taints this reputation of hard work is when I see individuals here, both young and old, applying for and receiving disability payments (Renta) when they obviously aren't qualified for it. This was a common occurrence in New York City as well, especially with employees of the Long Island Railroad who after retiring with a decent pension, applied for and were entitled to lifetime disability payments in addition to their pensions. The New York Times (read article entitled, " 20long%20island%20railroad&st=cse&oref=slogin - A Disability Epidemic Among a Railroad’s Retirees") interviewed several of those disability recipients at a Long Island Golf course swinging their clubs away. Imagine that? (Note: In the USA, when one recieves disability, you are not allowed by law to do anything physically demanding, otherwise, this defeats the purpose of disability and the payments for being disabled).

Similar to those individuals who cheat the disability system in the USA, I find this to be a very common practice in Poland as well. I see those who are getting disability payments because they are allegedly physically (or mentally) impaired in one way or another, and yet, they are out on the farm performing physically demanding work Also, they often spend a lot of their income on some drinking and smoking. I spoke to one neighbor about this asking, "Those individuals on disability, are they allowed to work on the farm, navigating their tractor, and harvesting food, etc?" My neighbor replied, "Those with farm disablity are NOT allowed to continue doing farm work and other demanding tasks, however, those with disability from a private or state company ARE allowed to."

Does anyone know the correct law on this? This seems to be an enormous drain on public funding and finances, in both Poland and the USA. Imagine the savings if disability laws were tougher and those receiving it were monitored more carefully. What is your opinion?
Ericlipis 4 | 26  
11 Nov 2008 /  #2
What seems to be the concern? Here in Poland, I think the only way to earn enough money to survive off of is to actually try and receive disability and work as well! You do know what the average pay for a farmer is don't you? Like in the United States of America and here it is next to impossible to live off of a disability payment! I only earn on average about 4000 pln per month and find it difficult to get things we want or need. In the USA the only way to survive off a disability is if you are black or Hispanic! The government only seems fit to provide help for those minority groups with housing, food stamps, and medical out the wazoo. Here in Poland my neighbor has to work 2 jobs to try and support her and her children! If you have a problem with someone receiving a pension here in Poland and working, my suggestion is to go and start in our good country the USA. I assume you are American? If you are British then please refer to what I have said about minorities and start in your country. Now that we have a new President starting his term in Jan. I hope he will make our country more fair towards the now minority white people and supply us with help for living and food beer and nicotine like the good old government has been doing for the "Minority" African American for the past 30 odd years! Really you need to look into how much people earn here in Poland doing certain types of jobs! For Pete's sakes, a floor cleaner working in a hospital in the USA earns more monthly then an actual doctor here! Really do research before you go condeming people how they try to earn money to survive.
OP scorpio 20 | 188  
11 Nov 2008 /  #3
Really do research before you go condeming people how they try to earn money to survive.

I am not condemning anyone. In fact, I'm not born in Poland, however, I am of Polish extraction due to one of my parents being born here. The last thing I would do is condemn my own people. I know very well the average salary here in Poland, especially of a farmer. I live in a village, remember? (stated in my original posting) What I am questioning is the law. Nobody is above the law and all should abide by it, no matter what the financial situation is. If people are going to abuse the law, then why even have laws? Everyone might as well drive without a drivers license or go to the supermarket and walk out without paying. It's not right, correct? Are you saying it's ok for people (no matter what country they are in) to fake their health to receive disability payments at the expense of the government or private enterprise? You seem to be promoting, if an indvidual is financially strapped and lives in a country where salaries are low, then it's ok to break the law? I personally don't think it's moral.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
11 Nov 2008 /  #4
Similar to those individuals who cheat the disability system in the USA, I find this to be a very common practice in Poland as well.

That's true. But anyway It's better now than a few years ago. A lot of those undeserved disability payments were canceled.
gtd 3 | 639  
11 Nov 2008 /  #5
Before you make a big deal out of this make SURE they are cheating. Some people are legitimately on the pension for a certain problem but can still do some things.

I knew an old guy back in the USA who a bunch of nosy neighbors with nothing better to do messed with. They created a huge hassle for him and in the end it turned out he was all legit and not cheating or doing anything wrong given his problem. Sometimes people worry a little too much about others lives. Personally I think most people on aid are's the few that cheat that make a bad reputation for the rest and blow the image out of proportion.

But at the same time Eric is actually saying it is OK to cheat the system since it's the only way to survive? WTF?
Ericlipis 4 | 26  
12 Nov 2008 /  #6
Let me ask everyone a question. If you were making 800 pln a month from a disability and that was the only income you had, how are you going to survive? Mom and dad are non existent and you have a child. I think in some cases yes it is okay to work the system! Heck look at how our lovely American people do it! Is it right? No it isn't but, if it is the only way to put food on your table rather then going and robbing a store or something then I say make an exception. Like posted earlier, I believe people are to nosy and like to get into other peoples business when they shouldn't. Why stir up a pot when there is no need to?

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