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Black people in Poland

Evaha   14 Sep 2006 /  #31
I am Polish,left my Country over 40 years ago.In the mean time I visit Poland very often and stay for long time.
People of other colour of skin than white,always were more atractive than Poles.Nothing change about that. The word of rasizm was not known to me.We were all even.

paku   19 Sep 2006 /  #32
I'm curious, how much Black people are in Poland? Someone told me there wouldn't be much more than 10 but there must be more then that.

Lol, you must be kidding. There is over 10000 black students in Poland, and that's just students, not counting significant amount of black businessmen working in Warsaw City.

Plus, there is over 30000 Vietnamese living in Warsaw alone!
Walking today in Warsaw center and not encountering people of another race is as likely as not stepping on a sand in a desert.
Go the Orly   12 Oct 2006 /  #33
K Cool just wondering hmmmmmmmm... thats more multicultural then i thought. Thanks.
krysia 23 | 3,067   12 Oct 2006 /  #34
Plus, there is over 30000 Vietnamese living in Warsaw alone

You know, this is really weird. I was in Warsaw four weeks ago. There are thousands upon thousands of people there. It's nearly impossible to meet the same person twice. Well, I was walking down the street with my Polish Boyfriend. He took off work to be with me not telling anyone. He lives about 400 km away. And it just happened, that some guys from his work were in Warsaw for a meeting, and of all the people there, they saw us!!!!!!!

Guys at work were giving him a hard time later. hahahahaha. talking about weird!!!!!
uk-   12 Oct 2006 /  #35
Well, I was walking down the street with my Polish Boyfriend

your boyfriend polish? I thought he was american
krysia 23 | 3,067   12 Oct 2006 /  #36
My boyfriend is 100% Polish.
My x husband was an American.
uk-   12 Oct 2006 /  #37
My x husband was an American.

If you don't mind can i ask you one simple question?

How old are you?

My one and only.

krysia 23 | 3,067   12 Oct 2006 /  #38
How old are you?

You call that simple????
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Good one.
How old do you think?

uk-   13 Oct 2006 /  #39
How old do you think

are you 29 years old? WOW! you've two lovely kids. soooooooooo cute
Maati 1 | 178   19 Nov 2006 /  #40
Hey Krysia, You look great! Your kids are lovely...
I have two daughters also- they are 3 and 4 and I'm 26.
I would like to post my pic but I would like to stay anonymous, since I believe that some of my students may recognise me here and I have written about so many private issues.
neoheeroyuy   1 Dec 2006 /  #41
this may seem off topic but u know what poland needs, a black rapper
cuz i love polish rap but there is no black rappers in poland i think it would be pretty cool if there was a polish rapper of african decent (be it of african-american or pure african) since african-americans founded the genre

sorry to go off topic but i will add somethin to the original topic
someone ponted out that there were people who are stuck in the past who are still racist cuz it was considered alright back in the day but now there are definately more accepting and modern

and many of those people might look or stare but it's only because it rare that they meet foreigners especially those of dark skin color

i mean was born there and i come back every few years for vacation (i live in the U.S.) and i don't think i've ever seen a black person there (xept the guy from the soccer team a few years ago but that was on television)


peace, elo
FISZ 24 | 2,117   2 Dec 2006 /  #43
cuz i love polish rap but there is no black rappers in poland

I've seen a few blacks guest rapping in PL hip hop videos. They're over there...just rare to see. Saw a few in Poznan in the clubs.
YANTA   3 Dec 2006 /  #44
RAP is a horriffic attempt at poetry. Most poles ive met are quite racist and anti-semetic (not 100% sure why). A good friend told me israelis were going after poland for crimes in WW2. Maybe thats why.
FISZ 24 | 2,117   4 Dec 2006 /  #45
A good friend told me israelis were going after poland for crimes in WW2

There's no proof of this....and waht does it have to do with blacks in Poland?
YANTA   4 Dec 2006 /  #46
Nothing.. but it adds to the anti-semetic comment.
Kamil   11 Dec 2006 /  #47
I want to say that i don't speak English well ,sorry :) .I will tell you somethnig...I live in Japan at the moment ,and here if you are black ,or other than white you acually can't life. Here are public baths ,and around 95 % of them has on the door somethnig like ' BLack are not allowed' .If you aren't Japanese you can't rent a house,you have problems with finding a job . If you aren't Japanese ,most of the time ,people on train just run away !Everone just looks at you ,and as in China some want ot have pictures with you ... But of course have anyone said that Japan is a rasist country ? I haven't seen it yet on TV. I left Poland whne i was 16 in a small town in Bieszczady ,there were a few foreigns ,noone ever done anythnig bad to them ,everyone was just interesting and they just had all the girls they wanted ! I also been in London for 2 years :) If iam right since 2001 ,they were 56 rasist murders in UK ,in 36 murdered were a white person ,so please ! One more time ,sorry for my English :(
hello 22 | 891   11 Dec 2006 /  #48
Here are public baths ,and around 95 % of them has on the door somethnig like ' BLack are not allowed'

WOW, are you serious?? Could you make a picture and post it here? It's hard to believe.
Kamil   11 Dec 2006 /  #49
Sure i will try ,but you can find in on the internet ,or on some Japanese forums

It's a night club acually ,couldn't find any other faster

Well i will make pictures and asap post them here :)
miranda   11 Dec 2006 /  #50
Well i will make pictures and asap post them here

don't you dare - another troll
ankaxx   22 Dec 2006 /  #51
My husband is african-american, we live in the US so there is no problem with mix-couple but i wonder how poeple gonna accept him in Poland, we are planning to visit Poland in spring. We Polish are so much racist, we have to admit that. I try to prepare him somehow and do not expect too much welcoming.But we will see....
guest3   24 Dec 2006 /  #52
I think some people in Poland may feel that Poland should pretect its cultural and genetic identity.

Fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes are recessive. These traits can dissappear if we mix with other races. White people are the minority in this world with a declining population.

I don't think it is racsist to try and preserve your own race.

Ankaxx people may be upset because you have chosen not to proliferate the Polish identity.
Maati 1 | 178   24 Dec 2006 /  #53
Not every Polish person is blond and blue eyed.
Where did you get it from?
guest3   24 Dec 2006 /  #54
Please do not infer things I did not say.

I never said that all Polish people have blonde hair and blue eyes. Many do, close to 75% have either blue or green eyes.

The point is that darker traits dominate recessive traits. The average Pole has light hair, light eyes, and fair skin. The question is do we want to maintain that genetic heritage and identity?

I am a male and I do. Polish women, for now, seem to care less for this idea. As opposed to Sweden, where if you are not white you don't have a snow ball's chance in hell at a night club.

I think males in general care more than women because we want to see our traits carry on.

I have always prefferred blue eyed women. Even the Indian women I dated had blue eyes. I never understood why. Here is an article which gave me some insight.

So in summary, I don't care what you do either way, but don't call people racsist just because they are proud of their national identity and don't want to see it change.

This applies equally for Nigerians, Bngladeshis, Polish, Swedish, and Taiwanease.

I just think that the Polish are in an unfortunate position because many of their traits are recessive.
Maati 1 | 178   24 Dec 2006 /  #55
I didn't call you a racist.

If this is a true about Sweden, what you wrote, people there must be really sick...
guest3   24 Dec 2006 /  #56
No they aren't sick, they just aren't naive.

Let face it, read these blogs, all of these Arab, Paki, and Inidan guys are looking for Polish women. All of my arab friends go on about polish women and their looks.

A white girl is a trophy for these guys. I noticed Swedish girls and now even Czech girls have caught on to this.

5 years ago I was in Prauge and all the foreigners were pulling women. Now, I went and it was way more difficult. All my arab buddy's complain about how difficult it is cause the girls assume they are just into them for their rare looks. Which is true in the first place! And they even acknowledge their own hypocracy!

Polish girls have not gotten as much attention until now and so are still naive about this. Slowly, they will catch on. My Polish cousin from Warsaw, was dating an Arab dude who treated her like gold. She dumped him after she found out his true intentions.

Maata, I don't see why people should be called sick for choosing to proliferate their own national identity. There are bad people everywhere. But trends are trends, unless I live in a different planet, thats they way I see the situation.
Arien   24 Dec 2006 /  #57
^agrees with you to a certain extent. :)
Maati 1 | 178   24 Dec 2006 /  #58
Yeah, many of those guys are looking for visa and citizenship... but i think there are also long-term relationship with Arab, Indian, Pakistani guys that are based on true love and respect...
Arien   24 Dec 2006 /  #59
but i think there are also long-term relationship with Arab, Indian, Pakistani guys that are based on true love and respect...

I've seen a pakistani father shoot his own six year old daughter in front of her fourteen year old sister because two sick bastards raped her.

and to think that this sort of behaviour, is actually being accepted in pakistan by local authorities. so what makes you think they have respect for women? what makes you think they will treat their wives any better than their own daughters?

and these are no lies, I've served in the middle east, and I don't say every afghan or pakistani is the same. - and it's different for immigrants, they usually come over here because they disagree with this sort of behaviour in their society too. but I do say that polish girls should be very, very weary about living in pakistan, or any other arab nation for that matter.

they're not exactly respecting women over there. I think we can safely state this without getting accused of being a racist. :)
Maati 1 | 178   24 Dec 2006 /  #60
i don't know... didn't have much experience with arab world...but i know what you mean...i wouldn't wear chadors as well...

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