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Nasty polish guys in Bialystok

z_darius 14 | 3,960  
10 May 2008 /  #31
they were Polish too, weren’t they?

I think so.

Good thing they had the **** beat out of them.

Almost not enough though.
sdx87 - | 1  
23 Sep 2008 /  #32
oh crap.. man those two were such an a$$holes.. sry m8 that thing like that happen to u.. u should contact me or sth if u going to stay/or u living in bstok i would get u know the city far way better! u know if u'r alone it happens, i had same experience, though i live in bstok for 21 years.. those things just happens:/ altought i hope u had far way better experience than just that one :) usually ppl r friendly, really outgoing and everything.. take it easy!
jonni 16 | 2,476  
25 Sep 2008 /  #33
I found BiaƂystock a bit menacing too. Lots of young men with no money and nothing to do. Warsaw seems to be better in that respect.
masks98 27 | 289  
26 Sep 2008 /  #34
the other day some Big hooligan walked down my block followed by two middle aged drunks, he walked my way with a menacing grill but then said "witam" I said "dzien kuje" and that was that,
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,523  
26 Sep 2008 /  #35
jeans and black jacket wearing Poles

I wear jeans... I wear black jackets.... I am not nasty!!!
Somerled 5 | 93  
26 Sep 2008 /  #36
I'll be watching BBC tonight with baited breath.

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