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Level of English among the Poles?

tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
8 Jul 2008 /  #61
My English isn't perfect, it is actually far from good. But as long as people understand me, I fine with it. And I really like speaking English.

i think that is the main concern, as long as you can speak english well enough for people to be able to understand what you are saying, there is no problem what so ever. To much time spent on learning all the tenses, grammar etc etc is wasted in Polish schools, how about just learning simple conversations then expanding on them, after all the Poles who speak the best English i have found are those who have not been pressed through your schooling system but those who have learnt on arrival to the UK.

I find on average that Poles either speak great English or hardly any English at all. This i due to the fact a lot of Poles come to the UK and only talk and associate with the Polish. THose who speak good English are those who mix with the indigenous population. I really think it is that simple, if you come over to the UK and mix with native speakers you will pick up the language much quicker than if you only associate with Poles, not only that, you will also pick up everyday language which is not taught in the schools in Poland. To communicate on a day to day basis is more than having to learn all the tenses. What good is knowing all the tenses if you can't fit the words to make relevant senteences for the conversation that you are having.
NewbornTic 1 | 14  
8 Jul 2008 /  #62
Ok. I have a white collar job. I've never learnt english at any schools. I like the lingo so since i was 16 i tried to translate lyrics from my fav music. That's how I got some basics. Now after a few years in UK ...I'm still not happy about level of my English but i can freely communicate in English. Some of my english friends saying I'm well spoken, but I think they are trying to be nice.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
8 Jul 2008 /  #63
its probably the best way to learn english to be honest, self teaching can be very effective because you can learn the parts of the language first that are most important for you in communicating day to day. When you are speaking soe english and a communicating with people you will pick up more words day in day out and add to your vocabulary as you go along.

Maybe some people are saying that to be nice, who cares, as long as your happy with your level of language then what does it matter
GodandBrown 2 | 63  
8 Jul 2008 /  #64
It is very important to encourage everyone to speak a language. We all shouldn't forget that we came from a tree with a ...ugaga...ugaga...Set your focus on interesting topics and you get attention by everyone...Each lesson is like a gig with an audience waiting for you. If you are bad, they will tear you limb from limb. Memorising grammar was yesterday, nowadays you have to give grammar a fresh marketing...Look at the Past lovely the form gives you an alibi...while I was learning English at half past five yesterday, Heidi Klum was waiting for me in front of the door...I am sure ...Scotland Yard will let you go..

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