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Krakow Trams - what do you think of the stop announcers voice?

Cardno85 31 | 976  
23 Jun 2009 /  #1
What is the deal with the 2 year old child reading out the stop names on the tram? Is the sound system broken or did someone think that was a good idea?

Because the voice eats right through me!
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007  
23 Jun 2009 /  #2
Yeah it was cool in the beginning, but now its just annoying. You cant even tell what they are trying to say.

Why am i talking to you on here, your sitting 1 meter away from me :D
BLS 65 | 188  
24 Jun 2009 /  #3
I was on the 8 tram this morning - the children's voices have been replaced by adults!!!!! I too became irritated by that gibberish that came out of the loudspeakers - this stunt seems more reminiscent of something that might occur in America, not in seemingly-level-headed Poland.
OP Cardno85 31 | 976  
24 Jun 2009 /  #4
It would be alright if it was a kid speaking clearly. But I just couldn't understand a word that they were saying, it was too high and there was basic pronunciation mistakes that even I picked up on. Good to hear that at least the 8 has gone back to normal!
andy b 4 | 156  
24 Jun 2009 /  #5
It's some kind of promotion. Yes, the kids are annoying, but some of the other announcers are actors and singers, various 'famous' Cracovians. If you go to the end of the line (or get on at the first stop), for example in Bronowice, they tell you who they are etc. One of them is Grzegorz Turneau, a singer, who owns the Prowincja cafe on Bracka, and who has a famous song referencing the same street, "a w krakowie na brackiej pada deszcz" (and in Krakow on Bracka Street it's raining).

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