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Doncaster STOP meeting STOP anyone interested? :D

Maya 1 | 51  
12 Feb 2007 /  #1
Hi all :) just wanted 2 ask if there are any people courageous enough 2 meet up next week (wed or thru) in Donny (Doncaster) for a coffee/pint :)

Let us know what time wud be the best 4 u :)

Oh n yes nearly 4got - there will b a member of Polcaster, polish magazine in Donny -

hope there are some people interested :)

tc u all n hopefully c some of u soon xxx
12 Feb 2007 /  #2
WooHoo come on people :)

Come join me and Maya :)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
12 Feb 2007 /  #3
yes yes yes ..... :) come on :)
Wayc00lio 2 | 57  
12 Feb 2007 /  #4
Would love to but don't live near there :(

Shame, it would be great fun! Have fun all of you :)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
12 Feb 2007 /  #5
awww luv we will try 2... if there will b any people who will actually turn up lol
but at least theres Tara and me so far- maybe Tom... n the bloke from the local polish magazine haha...... so always better than nobody :)

will take sum pics n send them 2 u so u can c how fun it was lol :P
Pivo 1 | 6  
21 Feb 2007 /  #6
Read this a bit too late - but I might be interested. I'm not around tonight and am at work tomorrow though.
21 Feb 2007 /  #7
you from donny pivo??

Pivo 1 | 6  
22 Feb 2007 /  #8
OP Maya 1 | 51  
22 Feb 2007 /  #9
ohh n i thought there r no people interested in meeting... rite if u still up 2 that then lets decide when :) got 2 let the Polcaster guy know bout it :)

tc u all xoxox
22 Feb 2007 /  #10
indeed ... off to class in a couple of hours :)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
22 Feb 2007 /  #11
ev fun luv larnin sum polish :)
Frank 23 | 1,183  
22 Feb 2007 /  #12
Soz Maya...nearest I am is Manchester next weds....26th, meeting an illustrious member of this board.....maybe......:)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
22 Feb 2007 /  #13
uhem... weds is 28th i think :P n mon is 26th :P
got confused - when then :) lol
Frank 23 | 1,183  
22 Feb 2007 /  #14
weds is 28th i think

You are correct...just Tues eve.....during day on Weds
OP Maya 1 | 51  
22 Feb 2007 /  #15
hmm...... :) im in london on mon n mite stay there till tue but wed is fine with me lol :)

cum'on people , anyone else intersted? :d <puppy eyes>
23 Feb 2007 /  #16
ev fun luv larnin sum polish

I had fun another assessment based on learning and showing knowledge of understanding a departure board in polish airports lol
I got all correct only got the wrong number wording for telling the time on one question but this didnt affect my score :)

I really need to apply myself more to be honest and practise at home (attempting) to pronounce Polish words :S <worryingly look appears on my face> i am not able to do this much or at all so i am very reluctant to speak any polish though i can say some i would like to get more out.

I guess it will come together eventually :)

im in london on mon

Enjoy the capital :)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
23 Feb 2007 /  #17
lol... cheers luv :)
change of plans actualy....aint goin london :) heheh so still stayin in lovely donny :)
23 Feb 2007 /  #18
aye .. you cant beat lovely donny chick :)

Tom went on his travels yesterday morning at 2am Poland for a week then onto Russia for a month was speaking to his mum Ruth last night in polish lesson ... i went wearing my polish national football team top ha ha thought it was fitting for the lesson :)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
23 Feb 2007 /  #19
hahaha yey

polish national football team top

will ev 2 get one like that as well :)

yeah i know toms in poland now , bless him :) hope hes gona ev great time :)

hows ur job huntin goin? n the flat fing? :)
23 Feb 2007 /  #20
will ev 2 get one like that as well

I got this season's team shirt as well think it is a little to small for me like but it fits well :)

Yeah he will have a great time will Tom. :) His mum said he probably didnt realise it was half term last week as he would have nipped to college to see everyone.

Job hunting - well waiting to hear from those i applied to -- had one rejection letter this week .. seen a couple in free press to apply to so will do those later on .. got to post my cv on some sites i think and check out the JCP site.

Home hunting - slow but seen a couple in the area/s i would prefer to be in as Tonicha goes to school in Intake and need to be close for that really so i am going to see about viewing them ... so it limits options on areas to move to :(

But my friend of 16 years is considering renting her house out and has offered me first shout on it and i am going to discuss it more with her tomorrow when go down (she lives in Intake 5mins from Tonicha's school) ... fingers crossed she is still going to consider it and aaron will finish off doing the work he is doing on the house currently :)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
23 Feb 2007 /  #21
am sure it will b fine.... :)
ull manage 2 sort out everything :) just about 2 ec sum kfc lol ....... am starving lol :)
23 Feb 2007 /  #22
just about 2 ec sum kfc lol

Im having pancakes in a short while (again) haha :)

Oh yes it will all come together soon .. usually does ... and as the saying goes "good things come to those who wait!"

Will let you know how things pan out etc ... plus will have to meet up sometime soon for a coffee etc be nice :)

i popped into "polish shop" on copley road last night for some piernicki to eat at college and the "non polish or british" men that work there (not the owner he is quite kind and accepting) made me feel so----oo uncomfortable being in there so much i could not wait to get out the shop :(

I think it be nice if there was a "true" polish shop in doncaster ... that was similar to say a supermarket but obviously smaller scale (but not that small) in doncaster considering with 5000 polish here and number growing (we are apparently have the largest polish community in the country)

that would be nice :)

hope the kfc was good ... i have to admit though chick .. you are the first polish person to say they eat kfc etc ... many i have met or spoken with ... turn their noses up at british food as a whole and fast food like kfc ... and heaven forbid you say "have you had any fish and chips" ... lmao

hugz x
OP Maya 1 | 51  
23 Feb 2007 /  #23
(we are apparently have the largest polish community in the country)

hmm... i dont fink so...... just watched bbc new 2day n apparently theres half a million poles in uk....damn... loads :) hehehe

n oh yes....kfc chickes was loveeely :) hahah we had family deal :) lol just drinkin pepsi now heheh :) am sooo fullll :)

n yes deff coffe ..... soon :) n we ev 2 check out if theres anyone else who wants to meet up :)

n fish n chips... mmmmm lovely... specially when uve got peas on side lol
n oh yes... i had great fish n chips when i went 2 whitby :) youmi :)
Frank 23 | 1,183  
23 Feb 2007 /  #24
Maya...please....please type normal sorta thingy.........just for me....pretty please...I promise to buy you fish and chips with mushys on the side when we meet.....:)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
23 Feb 2007 /  #25
Frank no probs luv :) specially for you will do my best :) but cant promise I will always behave myself with typing :)

and cud I have just a garden peas please instead of mushy one? :) ( hehe I got on my mind this bloke from channel 5 - american policeman hahaha- no peas, no deal) hehehe :)
23 Feb 2007 /  #26
i had great fish n chips when i went 2 whitby

you will find you get the best fish and chips at the coast than anywhere else really :)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
24 Feb 2007 /  #27
hmm..... I wonder why lol :) hehehe....

anyway I am from the coast so maybe thats why I like fish lol :)
24 Feb 2007 /  #28
It could be hun :) I think its due to the fish still being fresh as it comes straight from the sea :)

Well going to brave the pending rain clouds and walk down to my friends for the afternoon with Tonicha saves her being couped up in house as she can see my friends kids that go to school with her :)

Hope you have a good day chick?

Oh two films one to avoid the other very british and worth seeing

"Epic Movie" -- is crap not funny no plot line nothing

"Hot Fuzz" -- hilarious :)
OP Maya 1 | 51  
24 Feb 2007 /  #29
"Epic Movie" -- is crap not funny no plot line nothing

and i really wanted to go out and see it lol now i know not to do that haha :)

Hot Fuzz" -- hilarious

actually want to watch it as well - well maybe will do day :)

n oh yes... ive seen Hannibal rising- loooooved it :) but thats one of those strange kinda movies so if you liked other parts of silent of the lambs than i guess you will like that one as well :)

n oh yes , enjoy yourself today at your friends - i just finished cleaning hehehe- lovely saturday :)

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