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Polish Fashion Designers (cosmetics too)

17 Feb 2007 /  #1
Hi does anyone know of any well established Polish fashion designers, I f so could you please let me know.
Tankx Trish
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
17 Feb 2007 /  #2
Hi. There are some... that half Asian woman for example... but I can't help much, you have to wait for girls...
17 Feb 2007 /  #3
polish fashion designers? :-)))))))
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
17 Feb 2007 /  #4
Actually, Katarzyna Szczotarska was in NYC for fasion week.

......not that I'm into fashion...but, it's all over here.
17 Feb 2007 /  #5
There is a lot polish fasion desiners
Many of them very original, edgy ane „fresh"
can't post link :(
But www berore dot and check 4 your sellf
Teresa Rosati
Ewa Minge-very succesful on Rome fasion week
Maciej Zien
17 Feb 2007 /  #6
teresa rosati sounds italian to me!
17 Feb 2007 /  #7
Well she is not italian...she is polish, maried to a polish diplomat
Not all polish last names have dz, sz, rz, zzzz and ch in them :)
17 Feb 2007 /  #8
i mean the surname ROSATI is tipycal italian, of course teresa is not only polish.
17 Feb 2007 /  #9
whatever...she is polish, though it might sound italian
17 Feb 2007 /  #10
its like to say kazinsky or warckocky its an italian surname, what did you smoke?
17 Feb 2007 /  #11
I never said it is not italian.
I said: " she is polish, though it might sound italian"
I ment she is polish whatever her last name is
So your coment wasn't very smart...
Beside it was ment to be about desiners not a stupid argue about last names.
Ps. The "What did you smoke question?" Is so "stuck in college years".
polishcanuck 7 | 462  
17 Feb 2007 /  #12
She probably has some italians in her family tree. Poland received many immigrants in the 16th.
18 Feb 2007 /  #13
somebody intelligent got it right above,
@Leucecita : it doesn't make much sense to me if you say " she is polish but she might sound italian"
you could have said" yes she is polish but she might have italian origins"
probably you don't know the exact meaning of the "sound" word, second,i was not arguing .so don't get smart.
OP trish0313  
22 Feb 2007 /  #14
Ok really sorry never meant to start up and argument, thanks for all your help guys, your links worked a charm Lucecita and I really appreciate each of your opinions. So I’ve got another one for you? Can anyone tell me anything you might know or may have been told about clothes rationing during or after WWII? If you’ve got time could you also time me where you would shop for clothes in Poland? And who are the leading retailers on the Polish high street? In case your wondering I’m currently doing my final degree dissertation which I have based on Polish dress through the ages? Thanks again

Trish :)
23 Apr 2009 /  #15
I want to send a small present to my goddaughter in Poland. She's a 19-yr old college student in Warsaw. Her mother suggested clothing or cosmetics. Need advice on what's fashionable among Polish teen-agers. Thank you.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
23 Apr 2009 /  #16
Same as fashion all over here really - here are the latest trends in the UK:
poli - | 9  
26 Apr 2009 /  #17
It's hard to say which clothes would she like, some cosmetics should be chosen by herself. if I were her, I would like to get brand perfumes. Good one cost a fortune, and a student would appreciate some:-)
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104  
26 Apr 2009 /  #18
She's a 19-yr old college student in Warsaw. Her mother suggested clothing or cosmetics.

If it's possible, why not send her gift tokens? It might seem like a cop out but if she's a 19 year old college student she'll most likely appreciate being able to pick out her own things, especially if, as a student, she doesn't get to shop often. :)
paulina palian  
3 Jul 2009 /  #19
There is lots of Designers in Poland and even some Polish Designers in UK or USA or France for example.
One of the most known Polish Fashion Designer based in London is Arkadius.
At the moment the most worn designer in Poland are Paprocki & Brzozowski, Baczynska, Zien.
Please have a look at www . fashionweek . pl / english.php

and there is huge wave of Young Polish Designer on their way- so be aware.


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