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B1 Driving License - A couple questions

2 Sep 2009 /  #1
Hello, I'd like to ask you if in poland to take the b1 driving license you need to be a polish citizen or you just need to live in poland? The second question is if you need to do the test in polish or if its possible to do it in other languages ( theory would be the biggest problem since in practical you just drive you dont need to speak for what i know)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163  
3 Sep 2009 /  #2
I'm not certain that Poland even has a B1 test. But assuming they do...

You must be resident in Poland for 185 days of the year. To define this, you need to have legal residency for more than 3 months - so if you're EU, you'll need the 5 year temporary residence card which entails quite a bit of effort. It's not as simple as turning up off the plane and booking the test.

The theory test can be done in English in certain test centres.

The practical test language will be Polish, so you'll require a sworn translator for this part of the test. How this would work on a quad bike, I'm not sure - it may require a sworn translator to follow in a car and to communicate over radio - but you cannot take the test without a translator if you aren't fluent in Polish (or at least fluent enough to take the test! - which will require good spoken skills at least).

Why would you want to sit the B1 test when a full B licence gives you the same entitlement?

And assuming that there is a B1 test, you'll have to undergo mandatory training and driving training. I assume that as it's category B, you'll have to do 30 hours theory and 30 hours practical training first. And you'll need to pass medical checks and a first aid course too.

I've also got a good feeling that B1 in Poland (if it exists) will be age 18 - same as a car.
marco123 - | 2  
3 Sep 2009 /  #3
B1 requires 16 years of age in poland, i am sure. And for what i know you just need a proof that you live in poland from more than 185 days, not a pesel.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163  
3 Sep 2009 /  #4
And for what i know you just need a proof that you live in poland from more than 185 days, not a pesel.

Which means you need to have the right to stay in Poland for more than 3 months - which is impossible to get if you don't have a reason to be in Poland.

The PESEL requirement may vary from office to office - but bearing in mind that the PESEL is printed on driving licences here, it wouldn't surprise me if they refused a licence on the grounds that they can't print the number.
3 Sep 2009 /  #5
What if you work for an embassy?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163  
3 Sep 2009 /  #6
Good question. I imagine that common sense would prevail and any diplomatic worker with a posting of more than 185 days would be allowed to sit the driving test.

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