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Where to download Polish Carols from?

mark one  
4 Dec 2005 /  #1
I am looking for a site that I can download some Polish Carols or a online store, especially some older one. I do not mind paying.

Can anyone help
4 Dec 2005 /  #2
If you are familiar with binary Usenet, there is a whole bunch of Polish carols going free on the polish music group right now.

Other than that you can google on Eleni. Although of Greek extraction, she is widely thought to be the best traditional singer of "Koledy".


Uncle Davey
OP mark one  
5 Dec 2005 /  #3
Thanks, you could not tell me what the user group is called is it polish music or polishmusic or what. My provider seems not to carry it but i can email asking them to do so if I know the exact name

I will try finding Eleni later
5 Dec 2005 /  #4
it's probably
21 Dec 2005 /  #5


Let me know on ::Foreigners living in Poland private forum on if you need more assistance with it.


Uncle Davey

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