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Polish citizenship when married to polish and living in poland

16 Aug 2006 /  #1
a little history about my self

i an indian national and have been married for 3 years to a polish citizen n legally lived in poland for 2 years now. when i first arrived in poland on work and marriage basis i was given a 2 year reidency which is going to expire this december 2006. this would hence mean that i would complete 2 years of stay n 3 years of marriage in september 06. i know the process of applying for an extension which would be to apply for an extension 45 days before and then the day my 2 years card expires and i have my new extension then i can immediately apply for a permenant resident status. if this is given to me then i can immediately apply for polish citizenship which can take any time from 1 month to 6 months..

My question is as follows..

i am planning to move to UK this October with my wife on Family entry permit and am bit afraid this would affect my residency extension + my permanant residency and Citizenship as my wife found out that if i was to be given these i should be legally still living in poland and not outside the country. do u have any information on this?

my second question is can i have residency in 2 countries for example in poland and in the UK? or will they cancell one of them??

can u help me on this subject as i am quite confused about all this data..

thanks in advance
16 Aug 2006 /  #2
I do not know much about imigration policy, but what I know is that if you want to have a Polish citizenship, you have to live here for 5 years, and to be able to live here for five years you have to have an allowence, and to have an allowence you have to have an income - here.

I wouldn`t advise you to do anything that would valiate this rule, cose at the immigration authority might deny you the citizenship, cose someone there might come to an opinion that "you aren`t serious enough about acqiring a citizenship" or becaouse you want to go to the UK, that "your marriage is fake and you were doing all of this only to be able to travel to the UK" and you`d get into additional problems.

The best thing would be if you`d simply call them - and if you`d get - various - legal opinions about that issue. But all in all you`d be on a lost possition anyway, cose i.e. if you`d sue their decission - this would have to go into court - and a court issue is being resolved in a period of a coupple of months or in some cases a year or two - the time when your stay permit runs out - and then you`re going to have to get back into India.

So it`s better to play it by the book.
krysia 23 | 3,058  
16 Aug 2006 /  #3
Yes. That's true what Wujek says. You better listen to him. You have to live in Poland for 5 years otherwise you'll have trouble.

The site: might help you out a little.

Now Wujek, don't get mad at me, and I know you will, but I've noticed that everytime you spell the word coupple, you use two p's. But that's OK. No big deal. I understand what you're saying.
lef 11 | 478  
16 Aug 2006 /  #4
cose i.e. if you`d sue their decission - this would have to go into court

I think you mean appeal their decison.....not being smart (your english is better than my polish)
OP venkie  
4 Oct 2006 /  #5
hey chaps i just discovered some great news for myself and it goes like this.. being married 3 years n living 2 years makes me eligible for a polish citizenship. i went to the local office here n they gave me all the information i needed. i also have a couple of indian friends i recently met who acquired polish citizenship in very similar fashions. in fact one of them got it approved in 15 days from the date of applying for one n he moved to canada n stuff. anyway thanks guys for all the help n like the poles say " gratulacje!!!!!!!!!! "
22 May 2007 /  #6
it seems everybody is giving their own opinion not the correct information ,, If you dont have the proper information, just shutup. it is better then a wrong information.

future polish layer
22 May 2007 /  #7
future polish layer


Layer of what?
away guy 10 | 343  
22 May 2007 /  #8
If you are waiting for your Polish citizenship but you leave Poland for longer than 6 months then you must re start application again so be aware of that !
29 Feb 2008 /  #9
I need someone to help me, am a nigerian married to a polish lady in ireland and the first time i apply visa to poland i was given the days on my ticket and now i need one year Visa so that i can be visting poland anytime i want to go,pls what can i do and how can i get it?sometime we will just need to go to poland with family for some days because i dont have visa ready i cant father inlaw leave in poland can he help me?thanks
30 Mar 2008 /  #10
Gode, please visit our forum for polish-nigerian couples. We will be more than willing to help you in any question you have.


dogchild - | 1  
26 Nov 2008 /  #11
after 3 years of marriage one can apply for permanent residence permit,but make sure in all this three years u live 2 years in poland and didnt stay more than 10 months outside poland in those 3 years.
8 Dec 2008 /  #12
hi, its a bit complicated all the posts on this forum. i am married to a polish citizen for 5 years living outside poland( UK ) to be precise. Do i have to live in poland before i can gain citizenship? if yes, does my wife need to move to poland with me?

please reply
5 Aug 2009 /  #13
i just wondering if i'm entitle to apply for polish sitizenship
i'm non eu guy married with polish girl more than 3 years living in uk the whole periode
it will be great if you can help me

Cardno85 31 | 976  
5 Aug 2009 /  #14
Can you not get permanent residence instead of citizenship? Not sure about all this, but would that not be easier?
gumishu 13 | 6,067  
5 Aug 2009 /  #15
from what I know it is impossible - you have to stay in Poland - but then I could be wrong
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
5 Aug 2009 /  #16
i just wondering if i'm entitle to apply for polish sitizenship

29 Oct 2009 /  #17
hello venkie..i m going on totally different matter now...i met my wife who is polish in uk..i am my stay in uk finish..we r all going to difficult it will be for me to get polish visa from india and what will be the period of that visa..means how long i can stay in poland...we even have a 3 weeks old how it was for u to get that working and marriage visa...

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