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St. John's Fair (jarmark swietojanski) on Stary Rynek in Poznan - Info

RebelOReilly 3 | 10  
16 Dec 2008 /  #1
Hi all,

Long time listener, first time caller)

In short i'm looking for information on how one could book/rent a stall at St. Johns Fair next June in Poznan. I've tried to do research on the web but can't find any of use, not to say its not out there.

I visit Poznan regularly as my wife is from there and last summer i really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Fair, there was such a great buzz and everyone was really friendly. So i would love to have my own stall there next summer. I've yet to decide what i would sell or do but i just love the thought of meeting and chatting with people all day before having a well earned piwo in the evening with my fellow traders.

Any advice, direction or help woudl be greatly appreciated.
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
16 Dec 2008 /  #2
ALL INFO in this post REFERS TO THE 2008 FAIR - I couldn't find updated news.

The organizer this year (but probably next year) was Centrum Kultury Zamek, you can download the old application form (for 2008) at this link: Application (MS Word format, .doc)
You can check the prices, and contact info there, I hope it stays the same, so you can require the application form for 2009.
fax: 0-61 6465308
mail: CK Zamek, ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61 – 809 Poznań
in person: CK Zamek, pok. (room) 114 lub (or) 121.

It looks like the office for Jarmark Świętojański starts only in March :)

From 15 March the office of the fair will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 AM - 2 PM
Contact phone numbers:
061 6465 202 (Mo-Fr, 10 AM-1 PM)
(Mr. Zdzisław Buroń)
061 6465 249 (Mo-Fr, 10 AM-1 PM)
(Ms. Lidia Sobańska)

ALL INFO in this post REFERS TO THE 2008 FAIR - I couldn't find updated news.
OP RebelOReilly 3 | 10  
17 Dec 2008 /  #3
Thats great stuff ;o) dziękuję bardzo, nie jestem smutny teraz )

We are undecided as to what to have for sale, as we are doing it to enjoy the atmosphere, but obviously we would hope to have some Irish products - any suggestions about what you think would be nice to have for sale?
17 Dec 2008 /  #4
OP RebelOReilly 3 | 10  
17 Dec 2008 /  #5
well got a bit left over in a few thousand freezers alright, could do with getting rid of it )
wildrover 98 | 4,451  
17 Dec 2008 /  #6
Perhaps a drop or two of the hard stuff....maybe some Guiness....Irish music would go down well i think , well i would buy it if nobody else did.....good luck with it , and if you find out the dates of the 2009 event please post it on the forum....i would like to go to that....
OP RebelOReilly 3 | 10  
17 Dec 2008 /  #7
Ya, maybe, not a bad idea. We were also thinking about some celtic stuff, don't think we'll be able to sell alcohol though but if we can we may sell whiskey, by the bottle obviously. Some bodhrans etc may go down well too.
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
20 Dec 2008 /  #8
I'm afraid selling alcohols would be a problem because you'd need a licence for it, even selling meat (or other short-term food) might be hard, as you'd need all the paper work before legally importing it to Poland and also a stand with fridge/freezer (the fair is in Summer).
OP RebelOReilly 3 | 10  
21 Dec 2008 /  #9
Thanks K, i know there'll be some restrictions but we are open to all kinds of possibilities so i'm sure we'll find something.

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